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Programs Committee
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The Programs Committee is in charge of managing the projects and the local groups of Wikimedia Canada. It is the point of contact for those responsible for organizing projects, activities and local groups. It is responsible to control and manage the budgets for the programs of Wikimedia Canada. It has the authority to approve an activity, and decide if it fits within WMCA's programs and mission. It has the authority to approve the creation of new local groups, and to dissolve any local group. It is also the authority to put in place partnerships with GLAMUs on behalf of WMCA.


Name Role and responsibilities
Amqui Chair of the committee, budget, grants, WikiClubs, indigenous projects, point of contact for Library and Archives Canada
Thekidpossum Universities, pedagogic projects, point of contact with the Acfas
Benoit Rochon Point of contact for Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)
Chabadin Events
Lea-Kim Photographic activities
Marie D Martel GLAM

Point of contact on the board of directors[edit]