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Wikimedia Canada receives charity status!

Since last summer, Wikimedia Canada is recognized as a registered charity allowing us to give tax-deductible receipts when you make a donation.

Thanks to your donations, Wikimedia Canada encourages the development of free content in Canada. By training contributors to edit from coast to coast, we ensure the quality of topics that are important to us. Whether it is culture, sciences, politics, history, geography, and many other topics, it is important that Canadians take part in the development of the Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia.

We engage in a range of activities: outreach initiatives, editor community building events, content creation projects, partnerships with cultural and knowledge institutions, collaborations with Indigenous communities. Your donations help us to support the volunteers of the Wikimedia movement in Canada.

In this season of end-of-year giving and to mark the first year that we are recognized as a registered charity, we hope that you will consider making a donation to Wikimedia Canada to ensure that we can continue our projects to keep Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects growing with content developed by Canadians and to make sure that everyone have access to quality and neutral information. Help us to support the free sharing of knowledge. Every donation is tax-deductible in Canada.

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