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  What is Wikimedia Canada?
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Wikimedia Canada is a not-for-profit organization that acts as the Canadian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. Along with its sister chapters across the world, Wikimedia Canada aims to create a world in which every single human being is given free and open access to the sum of all knowledge in their own language. For more information, see our "about us" page.
  Why join the chapter?
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Wikimedia Canada is a membership-based organization, and our work would be impossible without the ideas and labour of our members. Wikimedia Canada membership is open to any person who shares our goals. Membership entitles you to attend and vote at official members meetings, where we decide long-term policies and elect the board of directors. We have an (optional) public membership list here. Please add your name.
  Where does your donation go?
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Your donation goes to all of Wikimedia Canada's project across the country to promote the creation and distribution of free educational material. Our past projects include lectures to teach people how to write for Wikipedia and photography contests to create photos of Canadian landmarks under a free licence. In the future, we plan to do more projects like those, as well as partnering with museums and galleries to increase access to their collections, encouraging the creation of more free content about Canada, translating Wikipedia articles into Canada's aboriginal and immigrant languages, creating new technologies to help the Wikimedia Foundation's online projects, and supporting the initiatives of local groups of editors. For more about our projects, see our projects page.