Programs Committee

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Programs Committee
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Role and responsabilities[edit]

The Programs Committee is the body of Wikimedia Canada responsible to manage the programs, the public events, the WikiClubs and the GLAMU partnerships of the chapter.

  • Control and manage the budgets for the programs of Wikimedia Canada as defined by the board of directors
  • Evaluate and approve projects and activities organized on behalf of Wikimedia Canada
  • Evaluate and approve grant requests from volunteers using the budgets for the programs, as per the Reimbursement Policy
  • Evaluate and approve the creation of new WikiClubs, and dissolve them if needed
  • Communicate on behalf of Wikimedia Canada with partners or potential partners such as GLAMUs, indigenous communities and similar institutions in relation to the programs, and establish official partnerships on behalf of Wikimedia Canada in relation to the programs
  • Manage the organization of public events hosted by Wikimedia Canada