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Meeting information[edit]

Date and location[edit]

  • Date: 22 October 2018
  • Location: Online


  • Benoit Rochon
  • Caroline Savard
  • Jean-François Pilon
  • Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf
  • Ha-Loan Phan
  • Marie D. Martel
  • Amber Berson
  • Jean-Michel Lapointe
  • Michael David Miller
  • Jean-Philippe Béland (contractor)



  • APG 2018 H2: Less than 10% of the budget for the programs have been spent so far.
  • Rapid grant for multimedia equipment for Manawan: No change since last meeting; there are still funds for transport into the territory.
  • Rapid grant for multimedia equipment for Ottawa-Gatineau: No change since last meeting; the funds are still unused.

Recent activities[edit]

National Contribution Month in Canada[edit]

The participation for this edition was less than previous years.

Upcoming activities[edit]

Red Carpets Project[edit]

Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf tested the new equipment. The Committee discussed potential ideas such as the National Quebec Assembly to photograph the newly elected members of parliament.

Wiki Evening at the Library of Plateau Mont-Royal[edit]

In November. Organized by Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf.


On 2 November. Organized by Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf.

Wikidata for dummies at UQAM[edit]

Organized by Jean-Michel Lapointe.


To be organized.


Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)[edit]

Benoit Rochon met with BAnQ recently. The International Archives Day allowed us to gauge the interest for wiki in the different BAnQ centres. There is a project called "Amenez vos archives plus loin" being organized.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC)[edit]

A institutional partnership memorandum of understanding between WMCA and LAC is being reviewed by the directors at LAC. More to follow.

Observatoire sur l'intelligence artifielle[edit]

We have been approached by researchers at UQAM to set it up and they wish that WMCA support the request for the grant. It is a moral support. No implication of WMCA for now. More to be determined if the project is approved.


Quebec City WikiClub[edit]

The Committee approved the creation of the Quebec City WikiClub with Caroline Savard as referent.

Follow up of questions from last meeting[edit]

Chair of the Programs Committee[edit]

Jean-François Pilon is acclaimed as Chair of the Programs Committee and representative of the Committee with the Board of Directors.

2019 planning[edit]

The Programs Committee decided to leave the request for the APG 2018 as is for now.

New business[edit]

New members of the Programs Committee[edit]

The Committee agreed to add Jean-François Pilon and Caroline Savard as member of the Programs Committee.

Reallocation of funds of the budget for APG 2018 H2[edit]

There is $1,600 for indigenous projects and $4,000 for charity status, but it looks like nothing is being organized for 2018.

The Committee proposed the following activities: Photographic activity at the National Assembly of Quebec ($600) and purchase of a laptop for presentations for the Quebec City WikiClub ($600).