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Wikimedia Canada Board Meeting - September 24th, 2016[edit]

Meeting Information[edit]

  • Location: Online
  • Date: September 24, 2016
  • Time: 14:00 (EDT)


Opening Business[edit]

Standing Items[edit]

  1. Membership Update: NIL.
  2. Budget Update: NIL.

Old Business[edit]

  1. French PayPal Donation/Membership Page. There is currently a problem on the PayPal side of things from the French Membership Page. Alan Walker mentioned to Patrick Paul that the PayPal account is being moved to the Treasurer. Once the ownership of the PayPal account is transferred, the Treasurer will investigate to solve this issue. (Action by: Treasurer and Patrick Paul).
  2. Corporate insurances for BAnQ Office. Benoit Rochon mentioned that Nathalie Casemajor got a quote for the insurances and it is around CAD 500. Insurances need to include materiel. The contract with BAnQ is currently under review by their legal team; Hélène Cadieux is in charge on the BAnQ's side. Benoit Rochon will follow-up with her. (Action by: Benoit Rochon).
  3. Membership management software. CiviCRM is a software used to manage membership. Parick Paul found a consultant that specializes in that domain in Montreal that could set it up for us. We can get a quote from them once our requirements are defined. They offer to host if for free as long as we don't have any employees and we would only need to pay for the consultant fees to set it up and customize it for us. Parick Paul will contact them to get a quote. Benoit Rochon and James Heilman will contact other chapters, mainly Wikimedia Switzerland (WMCH), and the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) to find more information on what they use to manage membership and if the WMF or WMCH can support and/or host the software for us. Ideally, we need the software set up for free, because of the time it will take to get our next grant. (Action by: Benoit Rochon, James Heilman and Patrick Paul).
  4. Grant reallocation. There was a grant for Wikimedia Canada (WMCA) Annual Program back in 2013 that wasn't fully used and we owed the balance to the WMF since then. The funds are still in WMCA's bank account, but the grant that has been given by the WMF for the WikiConvention in Paris, France last August deducted this balance, so WMCA does not owe money to the WMF anymore. (Info)

New Business[edit]

  1. Election of Board Officers
    (Note: Candidates have been motioned by other board members them themselves, but this is not included in the minutes. Voting was not secret, but the specific vote results are also not included in the minutes.)
    1. President: Benoit Rochon and Patrick Paul submit their names as candidate to the office of President. Benoit Rochon is elected as President.
    2. Vice President: Jean-Philippe Béland and Patrick Paul submit their names as candidate to the office of Vice President. Jean-Philippe Béland is elected as Vice-President.
    3. Secretary: Jean-Philippe Béland submit Jeffery Nichols (absent)'s name as candidate to the office of Secretary. Jeffery Nichols is elected as Secretary by acclamation, assuming that he wants the position (to be confirmed at the next Board Meeting).
    4. Treasurer: David Fourney submit his name as candidate to the office of Treasurer. David Fourney is elected as Treasurer by acclamation.
  2. Update Industry Canada. Jeffery Nichols is absent but he said that he will update Industry Canada with the new board members during the last Annual General Meeting (AGM). Benoit Rochon will confirm by email that he did it. To be confirmed at the next Board Meeting. (Action by: Secretary).
  3. Transfer of the bank and PayPal account.
    1. Patrick Paul will coordinate with Alan Walker to transfer the PayPal account to the Treasurer. Intent is to have multiple administrators from the Board on the PayPal account afterwards. (Action by: Patrick Paul and Treasurer).
    2. Benoit Rochon will coordinate with the bank to have the names of former board members removed from the account and give control to three board members: Benoit Rochon, Jean-Philippe Béland and Ha-Loan Phan. (Action by: Benoit Rochon, Jean-Philippe Béland and Ha-Loan Phan).
  4. Access to Google Apps for Work. Patrick Paul is currently administrator for Google Apps for Work. He activated new board members' accounts for email accounts and access to the shared drive. He gave information to new board members about privacy and security issues. (Action by: Patrick Paul).
  5. Strategic Plan
    1. Getting charity status is WMCA's first priority. The Board understands that this is a long term goal, but steps need to be taken to get there, such as getting a pro bono legal advisor and accountant. Ha-Loan Phan will contact Bénévoles d'affaires to get information on pro bono legal advisor and accountant. (Action by: Ha-Loan Phan).
    2. Jean-Philippe Béland will work on defining roles and responsibilities of each officer/director to be included in the Strategic Plan. He will present his draft proposal at the next Board Meeting. (Action by: Jean-Philippe Béland).
    3. Benoit Rochon will be the lead as the President to develop the Strategic Plan, especially for defining priorities. He will present a draft of those priorities to discuss at the next Board Meeting. (Action by: President).
  6. Board Meetings' frequency. Board Meetings will be held bi-weekly on Google Hangouts. (Action by: All Board Members).
  7. Board Meetings' minutes. Intent is to have the Board Meetings' minutes made public in the future once approved at the following Board Meeting. (Info)
  8. Control of the public mailing list. Patrick Paul will confirm who is the owner of the current mailing list on Google Group. Intent is to move it into domain name. (Action by: Patrick Paul).
  9. Policy on Engagement for Board Members. New directors should read the policy on time to reply to emails and attendance to Board Meetings. (Action by: All Board Members).

Discussions Points and Annoucements[edit]

  1. NIL.

Closing Business[edit]

  • Jean-Philippe Béland motions to close the meeting. James Heilman seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted.
  • Meeting closed at: 15:35 (UTC-5)
  • Next Meeting
    • Location: Google Hangouts
    • Date: To be determined.
    • Time: To be determined.

Other Notes or Information[edit]

  1. NIL.

Authors and Acceptance[edit]

  • Minutes written by: Jean-Philippe Béland (Vice President)
  • Minutes reviewed by: Benoit Rochon (President) on September 26, 2016.
  • Minutes accepted as written by the Board on: November 30, 2016.