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This is the user page of James Heilman, MD, CCFP-EM, a Wikimedia Canada founder and an early president.

Professional life[edit]

James Heilman is an emergency room physician in British Columbia. He trained at the University of Saskatchewan and UBC and is currently clinical faculty at both these institutions.

Involvement with Wiki(me/pe)dia[edit]

He is an active editor and administrator on the English Wikipedia involved primarily with Wikiproject Medicine. He is one of the top 1000th most prolific editors of the English site by edit count[1] and has contributed hundreds of medical images over the previous 4 years. In 2009 he was involved with promoting and protecting Wikipedia's right to contain images in the public domain.[2] In 2011 in collaboration with 18 other medical editors he published a peer reviewed article in the Journal of medical Internet research calling upon his peers to join in as editors.[3] Further information may be found on his user page.[4]


  • Promoting the editing of Wikipedia as part of university course work.
  • Increasing and protecting peoples access to materials in the public domain.
  • Working with Wikimedia to keep our content free to everyone and void of advertising.
  • Working with the Canadian government to release appropriate works under a Creative Commons license.
  • Increase offline access to Wikipedia's medical content in collaboration with Wikimedia CH

My view of our mission[edit]

  • To increase the involvement of Canadians in the Wikimedia movement
  • To be an entity from which the movement can form collaborative relationships with other organizations
  • To act as an official spokesperson for the movement
  • To give Canadian donors tax benefits for their donations