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Detailed Activity Report 2018

See the more general 2018 Activity Report.

Activity Reports

Content, outreach, education and communities[edit]


International Francophone Contribution Month[edit]

Logo of the International Francophone Contribution Month

Once again, in March 2018, Wikimedia Canada, as part of the WikiFranca cooperation, organized the International Francophone Contribution month where a series of workshops are hosted across the Francophonie with the goal to improve the Wikimedia projects in French. During this 5th edition, around 50 workshops have been hosted in 35 cities in 15 different countries in Africa, Europe and North America.

During the International Francophone Contribution Month, experienced contributors from across the Francophonie are invited to host workshops in their local regions and to invite the public for an initiation to contribution to the French Wikipedia and its sister projects. Workshops can be of various types, can be hosted in different locations and can be about different themes at the choice of the organizer. It can be a training session for citizens, a photographic walk to illustrate articles of the region, transcribing session on Wikisource, etc.

In Canada, 11 workshops have been hosted in 4 cities in 2 different provinces, Quebec and Ontario.

Wikidata Workshop[edit]

Helmoony, a Wikimedia Canada's volunteer, giving a presentation about Wikidata during the International Francophone Contribution Month

On Sunday March, 4th from 1pm to 4pm, members of Wikimedia Canada gave a presentation and a contribution afternoon on Wikidata at the Grande Bibliothèque of Montreal. Explanations were given about Wikidata queries. Also a presentation has been given about the work of a Wikidata contributor on massively importing data about Canadian movies according to the database of the Cinémathèque québécoise. There were 11 participants at the presentations.

International Open Data Day[edit]

Peuc, a Wikimedia Canada's volunteer, giving a presentation about Wikidata during the International Open Data Day

As part of the International Open Data Day, on Saturday, March 3rd from 12 to 5pm, members of Wikimedia Canada gave three presentations at the Maison Notman in Montreal, Qc. A lightning talk has been given about Crown copyrights, a presentation about Wikidata (see the presentation (in French)) and a presentation about the GLAM project at the Cinémathèque québécoise (in French). There were 23 participants at the presentations.

International Women Day and Art+Feminism[edit]

In March 2018, several worskhops were held in Canada as part of Art+Feminism and the International Women Day on March, 8th. In total 17 workshops have been hosted in March as part of Art+Feminism in six different provinces, in English and French. Furthermore, a new partnership has been established with Amnesty International Canada and an event have been hosted in Ottawa to create articles about female and non-binary peacemakers on Wikipedia. An Art+Feminism activity was hosted at the University of Montreal with the EBSI, the BLSH, the Division des archives and the CRILCQ. All present participants did not registered on the dashboard, but 35-40 people participated.

Workshops at the Cinémathèque québécoise[edit]

Read the full story on Wikimedia Foundation's blog
Wikipedia evening at the Guy-L.-Côté Mediatheque of the Cinémathèque québécoise on the filmmaker Matthew Rankin

Every month since September 2017, the Cinémathèque québécoise invites Montrealers to participate in workshops. Learn how to edit Wikipedia, create Wikidata elements, develop articles about animated films, producers, filmmakers, etc.

The Cinémathèque also invites an artist who comes to talk to Wikipedians. They discuss the works of the artist, the technique used and a projection surrounding the artist is offered by the Cinematheque. Then together, they develop a work plan to write the biographical article, the works and even complete the articles dealing with the technique used by the artist.

As soon as the Wikipedians get to work, the artist is invited to go and be photographed in the studio. It is also an opportunity to photograph specialized material used by artists and creators, as evidenced by the photo above of the artist Matthew Rankin discussing his works with Wikipedians.

During an evening of contribution around the artist Jacques Drouin, this one explains the technique of the pinscreen invented by Alexandre Alexeïeff and Claire Parker. In this case, Wikipedians were able to know the use of this unique technique that was virtually lost if it had not been for Mr. Drouin who resurrected the use of the pin screen for the creation of a Animation Film. Wikipedians were able to appreciate this technique thanks to the projection of his most recent film, Empreintes.

The screen named "Baby Screen" lent to the contribution night by the National Film Board of Canada was thus photographed to illustrate the Wikipedia article.


Wikipedia workshop at Université de Montréal
Cover of a fake magazine for #1Lib1Ref

The #1lib1ref initiative was at its third edition in 2018. The campaign takes the form of an invitation to librairians to celebrate the anniversary of Wikipedia by adding a reference to the articles. Since last year in particular, the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA) is actively supporting the cooperation between librairies and Wikimedia projects, especially through #1lib1ref. This year, administrators who are librairians invited several institutions to participate in a contest of citations: the University of Montreal, UQAM, McGill, the Montreal Librairies, BAnQ and the Cinémathèque participated.

Futhermore, the 43 students of the course "public librairies" (SCI6305) of the EBSI were taught and contributed to add references. The students of McGill in information science also participated.

It is Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec that won the friendly competition. A total of more than 600 references were added:

  • BAnQ: 293
  • University of Montreal: 109
  • McGill University: 105
  • Librairies of Montreal: 68
  • UQAM - Université du Québec à Montréal: 25
  • Cinémathèque québécoise: 4

Wiki à l'UQAR[edit]

On 4 April 2018, a workshop has been hosted at Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). This was the first workshop hosted at this university and it was organized by the graduate students' social committee, but it was open to all. It was a workshop that served as an introduction, a training and an editathon. It mostly consisted of a presentation of the encyclopedia, how to create an article from scratch with an example and a questions-answers session. Most of the work was centered on Console no-input on the French Wikipedia. The event had some bad and good luck since the university closed down that afternoon due to a storm, but the organizers advertised that the event was still on. Overall there were a total of about 10 participants which is significantly good given the conditions.

On 2 October 2018, a workshop has been organized at UQAR by two volunteers. The organizers anticipated the participation of around 20 people. However, only one person showed up for the event. This person registered an account on Wikipedia. The organizers noted the following lessons learned:

  • For communications, we had around 10 posters, an announcement on the TV of the atrium of UQAR and a lot of announcements on Facebook. One thing that we want to do is to augment the number of followers of our Facebook pages. Furthermore the event was announced in the weekly email for the week activities. We should ask the secretaries of the different departments to forward the announcement, which should be accepted since it's not an event that is occurring often.
  • For the timing, there is two things to consider. Firstly we think that activities that are not parties do not work very well in the evening. So for a Wiki workshop, it would be better to organize it during the afternoon or noontime. Secondly we thought that we had chosen a good date for the event since it is far from any exams, but in April we had an acceptable level of participation despite being closer to the final exams (and during a storm!). During the days of the event in October, students use their free time for "real" parties and, during the day, for their classes. We think that we should try again to host an event towards the end of the session, on a Friday at noontime or during the afternoon.

World Book and Copyright Day[edit]

Atelier Wikipedia - JMLDA 2018.png

As part of the World Book and Copyright Day, on 13 April 2018, a Wikipedia workshop was offered to users of the Mordecai-Richler Library, located in Montreal's Mile-End neighborhood. The theme was « Literature of the Mile-End » and aimed to highlight the writers and books of the neighborhood. Before the workshop, a multitude of books had been prepared for the occasion.

A total of 13 people showed up and the workshop mainly consisted of training. Almost all of the participants had never contributed to Wikipedia, and most were not very comfortable using a computer. Despite this, it was possible to offer them good training on the basics of contributing to both Wikipedia and sister projects like Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. Since the workshop was held in the reading room, users came to see what was happening, which aroused their curiosity. Some of these users expressed interest in participating in other introductory contribution workshops. Some articles have been enhanced, and several Wikidata entries have been added.

International Archives Day[edit]

During the International Archives Day on 9 June 2018, Wikimedia Canada organized a series of activities in partnership with the 10 archives centers of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec around the iconographic and manuscript textual archives. Each center had an experienced "Wikipedian in residence" on site to host the activity and, where it was not possible, the activities were organized online.


Centre: Gatineau (10h to 15h)
Number of participants: 38
Regional media presence: 3 radios ; 2 hebdos. Partners: promotional emails, Facebook publicity, cultural chronicle on TVA Gatineau, document on the activities of the week at Gatineau (web and Public-sac).
Comments from the responsible archivist: A lot of new people among the participants.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: Event organized in partnership with the City of Gatineau, the Outaouais Regional Archives Centre and Library and Archives Canada. The scanning workshop and the screening of movies were the activities that worked the best. Several people came out very enthusiastic from the Wiki workshop. Because of other activities that were going on at the same time at the Maison du Citoyen and in the surrounding area, the access was more difficult and parking lots were full. Would it be possible to do the activity during the week?
Montréal Scan-a-thon

Centre: Montreal (10h to 15h)
Number of participants: 16
Regional media presence: 1 radio; 1 hebdo
Comments from the responsible archivist: An evidence of the relevance of such event is the email that we just received from a genealogist from Ontario who was very happy that participation at this event allowed him to trace some of his ancesters.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: A more in-depth selection of the pictures to scan should have been done in order to make the scanning and identification easier. We had 15 volunteers and some had to wait a long time before they could contribute because there were not enough scanning (3) and attachment (5) stations. The number of participants should be anticipated (reservation) to ensure to have the necessary equipment for a smooth activity. The transfer of scanned pictures from a usb stick from one team to another was not efficient. We have lost scans. The use a cloud would be a better option. The activity allowed publicity and the scanning of 150 photographs. It is very positive. However there is still work to do: confirming which scans have been uploaded to Commons, which pictures in the boxes that have not been scanned, quality control, and completing the descriptions.

Centre: Quebec City (12h to 16h)
Number of participants: 33
Regional media presence: 1 hebdo. The activity was also featured on the following platforms: Quoi faire à Québec, Culturel pour tous and the Agenda culturel of Le Soleil newspaper.
Comments from the responsible archivist: People were very interested and asked several questions on the exposed documents.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: No participant to the activity of transcription to Wikisource. Five different posters from Catherine Reboulet's class of Stanislas College, under which we have placed the original documents used for their making, were an unofficial attraction that had a lot of success. The presence on site and the hearsay were the main sources of knowledge of this activity for the visitors. The fifth of a page of publicity in BW in Le Soleil newspaper was little visible.

Centre: Rimouski (9h30 to 15h30)
Number of participants: 29
Regional media presence: 1 radio; 1 hebdo
Comments from the responsible archivist: People appreciated a lot the original pictures from the fonds of the Séminaire de Rimouski from before the Grand Feu (fire) of 1950 that we have shown as well as the tools and advice that we have shown them. The door prize and the food were also appreciated.
Comments and suggestion from the BAnQ team: Several people heard about the event through the publicity in the local newspaper, the interview at the radio of Radio-Canada and the facebook posts in the targeted regional groups. This demonstrates the importance of a concerted and targeted communication towards the regional diffusion channels. It would be interesting to do this type of workshop again during other opportunities since the subject sparked a keen interest.
Rouyn-Noranda Identification photos

Centre: Rouyn-Noranda (13h15 to 16h)
Number of participants: 13
Regional media presence: 2 hebdos; 1 radio
Comments from the responsible archivist: Very good participation from the people in attendance.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: Of the three facets of Wiki touched on, it is the WikiSource transcription that seemed to attract more the participants. The workshops about the identification of photographs worked very well. For a future edition, we would like to improve the presentation of the functionalities of Wikipedia in order to make as clear and simple as possible. For new contributor, the part of editing information on an uploaded file may seem complicated.

Centre: Saguenay (13h30 to 17h)
Number of participants: 9
Regional media presence: 2 radios; 1 hebdo
Comments from the responsible archivist: People were very satisfied with the presentation of the historian Éric Tremblay (conference "L'archiviste et l'historien au service de la mémoire"). The Wiki workshop was a mixed success because the vast majority of people in attendance were not interested in becoming contributors and did not understand was it was all about.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: Several people left before the end (because they had dinners planned elsewhere since it was Saturday evening), which caused that not a lot of people were left to savour the meal. Moreover I had asked the creation of a BAnQ event (Internet network), in anticipation of the fact that participants would bring their laptops but it didn't work once again. Nevertheless it was a modest success, but I do not think I will renew the experience with Wiki because it is clear that our clients don't have an interest for this

Centre: Sept-Îles (12h to 16h)
Number of participants: Online activity - Only one connection
Regional media presence: 1 hebdo; 2 radios; 1 TV
Comments from the responsible archivist: NIL
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: We had a very nice media coverage in order to make our activity known. In total 44 pages were retranscribed from the first document during the activity. It would be interesting to continue to promote this activity and invite the users to contribute. If it wasn't because of a relocation, the activity would have been held in our building; as such it would be interesting to do it again to validate that it would have received a better reception.

Centre: Sherbrooke (12h to 16h)
Number of participants: 12
Regional media presence: 1 radio; 1 hebdo
Comments from the responsible archivist: Activity appreciated by the participants. On the 12 participants, 10 were new visitors.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: The conferences worked very well. Partnership with Wikimedia to do again. About the engravings/drawings of the built heritage, potential project with the UdeS (a bit like with Barbus et moustachus). The number of participants do not justify all the efforts in preparing the activity.

Centre: Trois-Rivières (13h to 16h)
Number of participants: 15
Regional media presence: 1 hebdo; 1 radio
Comments from the responsible archivist: People also very appreciated the activities of Mrs Blanchette. The door prizes as well as the food were also appreciated by the participants.
Comments and suggestions from the BAnQ team: Partnership with the Musée de la Gaspésie and Sandra Blanchette : Services généalogiques. The event was a success. several participants subscribed to our services. The publicity in the local newspaper helped to make the event known as well as the Facebook post by the museum. There was also the website of Radio-Canada an article published after the event, but we were not able to do an interview on the radio like we did in previous years.

Findings and comments

  • Total number of participants: 181 participants. From this number, we need to note that Rimouski and Trois-Rivières were full (reservations were required) and the activity at Sept-Îles was online only.
  • It was the first experience with Wikimedia for many centres. It was a topic that interested a bit less the public in general. For the vast majority of them the activities went well and it allowed the participants to better understand the Wiki universe. The collaboration with Wikimedia Canada went well. The majority of the centres wishes to continue the partnership with Wikimedia with another approach or way of doing things.
  • The media coverage was well present this year in different communication channels (newspapers, radios, TVs, social medias, etc.). There was a nice balance between the regional and national tools for promotion.
  • All medias, hebdos, radios, TVs, interviewers and interviewees talked about Wikipedia, Wikimedia Canada, the contribution in general and the archives of BAnQ. The archivists were well prepared to answers questions of medis about Wikipedia and its operation.
  • The workshops on identification of photographs worked really well. This type of activity could be done again for other opportunities.

Outreach, partnerships and education[edit]

Musée de la Civilisation de Québec[edit]

A board member of Wikimedia Canada presenting the GLAM-WIKI projects to the Musée de la civilisation of Quebec City

On February 5, Lea-Kim, a board member of Wikimedia Canada, participated in a conference presented to the employees of the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, Qc. She presented the on-going GLAM-WIKI projects such as the projects with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), the Cinémathèque québécoise and the Bibliothèque à livres ouverts in Montreal followed by a discussion on the opportunities for the Musée de la civilisation. After this presentation, a project manager at the Musée de la civilisation mentioned that the museum if very interested in hiring a Wikipedian in residence and to start the discussion about the licenses of the images that museum puts online. Furthermore, the museum plans to host at least one edit-a-thon in 2018. 13 employees of the museum participated in this presentation.

Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières[edit]

The participants

Following a presentation of Wikipedia in the Public Libraries class given by Marie D Martel, Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf was contacted to give a conference at the Trois-Rivières Book Fair. On March 23, 2018, Marie and Lëa-Kim went to the Salon du livre to give participants a presentation on GLAMU projects, Wikipedia and library activities. There were 32 participants in the room and all were library staff. The presentation began with an explanation of Wikimedia Canada, Wikipedia and the sister projects. Subsequently, the GLAMU projects of the last years were presented (Bibliothèques de Montréal, BAnQ, Cinémathèque, BALO, Art+Feminism). An introduction on how to contribute was also made. The formula was participatory and there were many questions and reflections throughout the presentation. While participants expressed several fears early in the presentation, most were enthusiastic and positive at the end. The fact that two librarians were speaking to other librarians, technicians and library assistants has certainly fostered a positive reception of the examples, advice and warnings presented.

ASTED's 75th anniversary workshop[edit]

On March 29th 2018 to mark the 75th anniversary of the association pour l'avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED), a conference followed by an edit-a-thon was organized by Marie D. Martel and Lea-Kim Chateauneuf in collaboration with the School of Librarianship and Information Science (EBSI) of the University of Montreal and Wikimedia Canada. The conference presented the history of this association, from its beginnings until today. This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the evolution of professional culture. Following the conference, participants were offered training to learn the basics of contributing to Wikipedia.

Formation and workshop - CEGEP de Trois-Rivières[edit]

Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf with students of the Techniques de la documentation of CEGEP de Trois-Rivières

On April 3, Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf, a board member of Wikimedia Canada, was invited to present a lecture on her career as a librarian and discuss links with her involvement in Wikimedia projects. This conference was accompanied by contribution training and a workshop. The group consisted of students in Techniques de la documentation from the CEGEP of Trois-Rivières. Most will be working in libraries, archives or documentation centers. Their teacher wanted to prepare them for activities related to Wikimedia projects in their future workplaces.

After a brief presentation of her professional background, Lëa-Kim introduced to students various projects led by Wikimedia Canada in recent years. Among other things, she spoke about BAnQ's GLAM projects, the Bibliothèques de Montréal, the Cinémathèque and the Open Book Library. Following this presentation, a short training course on Wikipedia was offered to students. They had already created their account and two of the 17 participants had already made first additions to the encyclopedia. Subsequently, a contribution workshop allowed students to add text, references and corrections. The group was cheerful and asked many questions, a sign of great interest.

Festin de livres de Saint-André-Avelin[edit]

On 29 April 2018, a volunteer from the Ottawa-Gatineau Wikiclub held a Wikipedia workshop during the Festin de livres de Saint-André-Avelin in Quebec. A dozen participants, including historians and authors, were introduced to the edition of Wikipedia.

Formation and workshop - Laval public libraries network[edit]

Participants to the presentation

Following an invitation from a librarian who contributes to Wikipedia, Marie D. Martel and Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf, on 23 May 2018, went to the offices of the Libraries Department of the City of Laval to provide librarians and technicians with training on GLAMU projects, Wikipedia and library activities. Nearly thirty participants were present for the training. The presentation began with an explanation of Wikimedia Canada, Wikipedia and the sister projects. Subsequently, the different GLAMU projects were presented (Bibliothèques de Montréal, BAnQ, Cinémathèque, BALO, Art + Feminism). An introduction to the contribution was also made. The formula was participatory and the participants had many questions. The enthusiasm was very present and it would be surprising if Wikipedia-related activities did not emerge in Laval's libraries.

Formation and workshop - National Library of Haiti[edit]

Participants at the digital school

This activity was organized as a summer digital school in Haiti école d'été du numérique en Haïti about Wikipedia and related projects (Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Lingua Libre). The intent was to mobilize and outreach to the students, researchers and professionals in order to reinforce the presence of Haiti (its scientific, cultural, historical and geographical heritage) in the Wikimedia projects through the creation of a Haitian and French-speaking contribution network. The training was from 10 to 13 July 2018 at the National Library of Haiti in Port-au-Prince. The project was initiated by the Réseau des jeunes bénévles des Classiques des sciences sociales en Haïti (REJEBECSS) and involved various partners for logistic and execution such as Bibliothèque nationale d'Haïti, the Association pour la promotion de la science ouverte en Haïti et en Afrique (APSOHA), the Science ouverte en Haïti et Afrique francophone (SOHA), the Institut universitaire et technologique d'Haïti (UNITECH), the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information of the Université de Montréal (EBSI), Wikimedia Canada, the Cégep de Chicoutimi, the Cinémathèque québécoise and OpenStreetMaps Montreal. The project was supported by microgrant through WikiFranca (Wikimedia France, Switzerland and Belgium).

  • Total number of participants: 97.
  • It was the first experience with Wikimedia for the Bibliothèque nationale d'Haïti. The pedagogic content and activities allowed the transmission of the basics of the contribution to Wiki. The issue about valorization of Haitian heritage and culture really interested and mobilized the participants.
  • The media coverage was significant through different means of communication (newspapers, TV, social networks, etc.). The medias, interviewers and interviewees, pointed out the contribution of projects such as Wikipedia and organizations such as Wikimedia Canada and WikiFranca.

Wikipedia training at the Gatien-Lapointe Library (Trois-Rivières)[edit]

This workshop brought together only 8 participants, but these participants were motivated to learn how to contribute to Wikipedia and even run workshops at the Library. The participants had many questions and a contributor to a historical magazine of the region hoped to improve the visibility of this magazine in Wiki projects. Initially, he wanted to create a Wikipedia page to present the magazine, but we quickly made him realize that the magazine could serve to feed the different Wiki projects with references. Another participant, a retired professor from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, was very interested in the mistakes that can be found in the references at the bottom of the page, a topic rarely discussed.

At the end of the workshop, a participant committed to explore the possibility of conducting Wikipedia workshops himself at the Library since he already has some experience as a contributor.

Wikipedia workshop and training at the Louise-Lalonde-Lamarre (École polytechnique de Montréal)[edit]

Formation - École Polytechnique de Montréal

On November 2, 2018, Lea-Kim Chateauneuf offered a training followed by a practical workshop at the Louise-Lalonde-Lamarre Library of the École polytechnique de Montréal. Eleven participants were present including a majority of staff. Library staff were interested in setting up Wikipedia workshops and were looking to encourage faculty members to include Wikipedia contribution in their courses. Only a small part of the participants signed up for the logbook, but several modifications and additions were made during the practical workshop. Michael David Miller was also present to accompany the participants during the hands-on workshop.

Workshop at University of Moncton[edit]

On 5 October 2018, a teacher of the University of Moncton organized a Wikipedia workshop from 9h to 12h. An experienced Wikipedian has been invited to give a presentation about Wikipedia in general and the Acadia portal in particular. The participants learned how to contribute to Wikipedia. The ultimate goal of this event is to establish regular Wikipedia workshops at the University of Moncton, the same way it is done at BAnQ. This event was financed by the University of Moncton.

Edit-a-thon at the Winnipeg Public Library[edit]

On 4 November 2018, an edit-a-thon and introduction to Wikipedia has been hosted by an experienced Wikipedian at the Millenium Library in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Editors were encouraged to edit any topic of their choice and Wiki Asia Month resources were provided for participants seeking a topic suggestion. This edit-a-thon was an exploratory pilot to assess the possibility or progamming further events and activities at the Winnipeg Public Library. Another edit-a-thon to coincide with International Women's Day in March 2019 has already been flagged.

A small but enthusiastic group of people attended the event. I presented a power-point presentation about Wikipedia and how to edit. The remaining time ended up being more of a seminar and Q&A than a traditional "edit-a-thon". Specifically, WPL staff and a participant from the University of Manitoba Archives were mostly interested in asking broad questions about Wikipedia. GLAM and other related resources, WikiProjects, citations, reference material, Commons and how to upload content in the public domain, managing conflicts of interest, and how to provide advice about Wikipedia were the primary topics discussed for approximately 90 minutes.

While not much content was edited outside demonstrating features, the organizer felt overall it was successful from an educational outreach perspective. He has been invited to speak to the staff at the University of Manitoba Archives and back to the Winnipeg Public Library for more of their staff..

Finally, the organizer was somewhat underwhelmed by the quality of Wikimedia's merchandise. With the exception of the water bottles and pins, items like the stickers, notebooks, and pens were low quality and, in his opinion, overpriced. The surprise costs of additional taxes and duties on North American shipping, plus the fluctuating Canadian-US dollar exchange rate, increased costs substantially making it relatively cost prohibitive. Wikimedia Canada/Wikipedia shirts printed in Canada, or some other option, might be more cost effective for the same or better results.

See the Winnipeg Edit-A-Thon Dashboard.

Ada Lovelace Day Wikithon[edit]

On 10 October 2018, the "Ada Lovelace Day Wikithon" has been hosted at the McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. The aim was to create and expand Wikipedia pages about women scientists. The 2-hours event included a presentation by McGill librairians on how to edit Wikipedia followed by a session for participants to edit/create pages on Wikipedia.

About 25 people attended. Attendees learned how to edit Wikipedia pages while enjoying some snacks. The event was also part of the outreachdashboard Ada Lovelace Day where participants added changes to women scientist pages that were included on that dashboard. The event pushed us to create a mailing list with attendees to continue the work on a more regular basis.

Community building[edit]


In 2018, Wikimedia Canada had 4 active WikiClubs, 1 more than the previous year, the Quebec City WikiClub. WikiClubs are geographically-defined groups, generally around a specific city or region, that share the mission of Wikimedia Canada at a local level. They serve as main points to execute projects and activities of Wikimedia Canada and to put in place their own initiatives. They are the first point of contact between the local public and the Wikimedia movement.

Indigenous peoples on Wikimedia projects[edit]

Atikamekw Project[edit]

Once again this year, a pedagogic project has been organized at the Otapi Highschool of the Atikamekw Community of Manawan in Quebec where students in the computer class had to write articles on the Wikipetcia Atikamekw Nehiromowin. The Atikamekw Wikipedia now has over 595 articles. Every month, the Atikamekw Community of Manawan WikiClub is hosting Wiki Ciwakamihikan (Wiki Coffee).

Photographic content[edit]

National and local photographic events[edit]

Wiki Loves Earth[edit]

The winning picture of Wiki Loves Earth 2018 in Canada: hoodoos and the night sky at Midland Provincial Park in Alberta

2018 was the second edition of the Wiki Loves Earth contest in Canada. A total of 1,215 photographs have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by 288 different contributors. So far, 5% of the images are used on Wikipedia. 247 contributors are new.

Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières[edit]

Marcel Sabourin photographié par Wikimedia Canada.jpg

As part of the Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières, on 23 March 2018, Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf went on a small photographic excursion accompanied by Marie D. Martel. The goal was to meet authors who do not have photos to illustrate their page or whose quality of the photo was pretty poor. A good example is Marcel Sabourin's Wikipedia page. The picture used to identify him was of very poor quality and we could not really see his face. The photo taken during this photographic trip better represents the individual. The photo of 10 well-known personalities could be taken and added to WikimediaCommons to update Wikidata items and Wikipedia's infoboxes. The photographed people were also made aware of the Creative Commons and had the opportunity to learn more about Wikimedia Canada.

Salon du livre de Québec et festival Québec BD[edit]

Pierre Sirois - Soirée des Bédéis Causa 2018.jpg

During the Salon du livre de Québec, on 13 and 13 April 2018, Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf took pictures of authors and comic books authors. The task was very difficult because of the high number of visitors. When the authors were approached to explain them the project they were not very receptive or didn't have time. One author even said that she will never want to be photographed under the neon lights of the Salon. Despite that, 11 authors and comic books authors have been photographed and informed on the importance of having pictures of them available on Wikimedia Commons. They were all very happy to learn that the pictures will be used to improve the quality of their pages and the general quality of Wikipedia.

Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf also went to the award ceremony Bédéis Causa 2018. This award ceremony served to recognized the work of comic books authors from Quebec. She was able to photograph the receipients. Following that, she improved the Wikipedia articles about the photographed artists and updated the article of Bédéis Cause.

Overall 18 photographs have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and 13 Wikipedia articles have been improved.

Specific events and thematics[edit]

Nitaskinan in pictures[edit]

A photograph of a traditional activity uploaded during the Nitaskinan in pictures event

2018 was the second edition of the Nitaskinan in pictures event where the goal is to document with pictures the traditional territory of the Atikamekw First Nation. It was organized by the Atikamekw Community of Manawan WikiClub. A total of 103 photographs have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by 13 different participants.


Wikifromage 2018 - Wikimedia Canada

As a way to celebrate all that has been done with our partners, the Wikimedia Canada board invited a cheez specialist from Fromagerie Hamel to offer a conference on cheese history and to present seven cheeses that won a Caseus prize. As part of the event, several pictures of the cheeses were taken bu Lea-Kim to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and be available to illustrate articles for the Caseus prize and the different cheeses.

Press review[edit]



Global metrics[edit]

2018 H1[edit]

Program name Participants Newly registered Content pages Files uploaded
Target Final Target Final Target Final Target Final
Workshops 100 >562 10 >0 140 >2484 0 >590
Indigenous languages 45 >15 12 >12 170 >25 80 >103
Photography 110 >303 20 >247 100 >93 500 >1346