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Activity Reports

National Contribution month

Université Laval

The National Contribution Month (April in 2013) is a new program to invite experienced Wikipedians to organise Contribution days across Canada. The goal of this program is to bring Wikipedians together in their local communities to strengthen our volunteer base. The volunteers choose a subject for contribution and a local venue in a public place such as a library, restaurant or other community area. These events are run at little to no cost. Our first contribution month was a success, with over 10 cities across Canada.

Mile End Library

About 20 persons showed up and we double the amount of articles about Mile End neighborhood

On April 6, 2013, with the collaboration of the Mile End Library, Nathalie Casemajor and Benoit Rochon organized a contribution day to write articles about the Mile End neighborhood. Several well known persons from Montreal's free culture, medias and librarians were present: Anne Goldenberg, Fabian Rodriguez, Marie D. Martel are just a few examples. Within 4 hours, we were able to double the amount of articles about Mile End, scan dozens of old maps and pictures.

With this Contribution day, we changed our approach and way of doing things. First we worked with the Mile End Memories Association; they are very involved in the neightborhood and they have a huge network of contacts. Also, we were collaborating with the Mile End library, not just occupying a room; the staff were really involved and talked about this event within their own networks, this is why librarians showed up. Also, very funny, 2 students in TV journalism came to film everything and interview participants.

The fact that this day was part of the "Contribution month" helped for its popularity. Most people heard about the event through social networks, the banner on Wikipedia, etc. Special thanks to Simon Villeneuve and Red Castle who came to help and support participants with their edits, and contribute to the succes of this day.


Inter-university Contribution day in Physics

Physics department, Université de Montréal
WikiPhys logo
WikiPhys logo

A new editor, Nicolas Bérubé, contacted Benoit Rochon to organise an inter-university Contribution day with Physics departments of Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke, and Université Laval. The 3 universities were connected through TeamViewer to first get a little trainning on how to edit articles. Over 25 Physics students showed up during 8 hours for making contribution to Physics articles on Wikipedia.

Also, something new in contribution days, we were all connected on IRC and we invited interrested people who couldn't be there, to join us in our chat room!


Free culture and education

Read the full story on Wikimedia Foundation's blog
Read the full story on Wikimedia Foundation's blog

On February 13, 2013, Olier Raby gave a talk on Culture libre et éducation (Free culture and education). In front of 30 people, he spoke of Wikipedia, Canada's copyright laws and a new collection, Sciences de la nature, from Les Classiques des sciences sociales, a free library of French-speaking authors, mainly in humanities (if you speak French, see [1], with pictures of Olier and Simon Villeneuve). To help start the new collection, he translated from English to French On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies (1920 edition) (see De l'électrodynamique des corps en mouvement (On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies)).

The same day, Olier Raby was in classroom. Since Simon Villeneuve is a physics teacher, Olier spoke of Albert Einstein and why he is so important in today's physics. This was done while looking at Albert Einstein in the French Wikipedia. The next day, in front of another classroom, Olier wrote a draft in the French Wikipedia, explaining how to proceed in order to prevent deletion (see NGC 49 as saved on February 14). He took an hour to explain all this, since Simon Villeneuve's students had not edit before. The students worked in pairs, and both Olier and Simon helped them carry out the writing of new articles.

Presentation at the CBC tour (Canadian Science Writers' Association)

ACS Congress

Dans le cadre du congrès de l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec le samedi 8 juin 2013, Wikimédia Canada a été invité pour faire une présentation d'une heure sur Wikimédia aux journalistes scientifiques.

Alan Walker, président de Wikimedia Canada, ouvre la présentation et explique ce qu'est la Fondation Wikimedia et le chapitre canadien. Benoit Rochon, chargé de projet de Wikimédia Canada, couvre l'ensemble des 12 projets Wikimédia en ligne. Nathalie Casemajor, professeur à l'Université du Québec en Outaouais, présente quelques projets sur le terrain, tels que Projet Phoebus. Et finalement, fr:User:Cantons-de-l'Est termine la présentation en donnant une courte formation aux journalistes scientifiques afin qu'ils puissent eux aussi contribuer à Wikipédia.

Nous avons été ensuite à un cocktail dînatoire où les participants pouvaient poursuivre les discussions sur les licences libres, la multi-contribution, etc. Ils ont pu également nous signifier qu'ils avaient beaucoup apprécié la présentation et nous avons gardé contact avec beaucoup d'entre-eux. Quelques-uns se sont inscrit sur place.

Aboriginal languages


Projet Wikipetia Atikamekw

Picture uploaded during this project showing the preparation of a fish by an Atikamekw

During the month of June an educational project has been organised in collaboration with local teachers and a linguist, Kiackw, in the Atikamekw reserve of Manawan, Quebec. Students from the Otapi High School on the reserve have been taught how to contribute to Wikipedia and a section in Atikamekw has been created in the Cree Wikipedia. By the end of the project a total of 8 articles have been written and proofread by the "language keeper" of the Atikamekw community, a Wikipedia that had no article prior to this project. An experienced Wikipedian, Amqui, coordinated to on-wiki set up, so teachers and students can focus on producing content.

Wiki Loves Monuments


Canada participated for the second time in the international photography contest Wiki Loves Monuments. During this contest 2,500 pictures of Canadian historical heritage sites has been uploaded to Commons. The pictures have been judged by a national jury who have submitted the ten best pictures to an international jury. However the three photographers in Canada who obtained the highest score won Canadian prizes: $500, $250 and $100 at the online store Camtec photo, official sponsor of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in Canada. For the first time a Canadian picture is selected to be among the ten best pictures submitted under this competition.

International Contribution Month in the Francophonie

Contribution Day at the Grande Bibliothèque of Montreal in collaboration with the Acfas during the International Contribution Month in the Francophonie

In 2013 the first International Contribution Month in the Francophonie has been organized in October where contribution events (edit-a-thons) are held across French-speaking countries to contribute to the French Wikipedia. Wikimedia Canada participed by organizing one event in Montreal on October 19 at Grande Bibliothèque with the collaboration of the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas). 30 participants took part in this even including 14 new inscriptions on Wikipedia. Several interviews have been given about this event to Radio-Canada.