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Activity Report 2017

Activity Reports

In 2017 Wikimedia Canada identified four priorities for the next five years: to develop and disseminate free knowledge, to promote the use of free knowledge resources, to encourage the development of contributor communities across Canada, and to achieve and sustain a high level of corporate maturity. The activities in 2017 mainly focused on the first priority, while keeping the momentum of bringing the organization to a higher level of corporate standards. Without a doubt the biggest event in 2017 was Wikimania held in Montreal, Quebec in August. Futhermore, Wikimedia continued and increased its level of partnership with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), including to make use of an office space donated by BAnQ in Montreal. The chapter also initiated a parternship with Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. Another highlight of 2017 was the launch of the Wikipetcia Atikamekw Nehiromowin, the Wikipedia in the Atikamekw language.

Ateliers de contribution[edit]

National Contribution Month in Canada[edit]

The first Wikipedia contribution workshop about Quebec LGTBQ+ held in Montreal, Quebec during the National Contribution Month

In October 2017, Wikimedia Canada organized the second edition of the National Contribution Month in Canada where a series of contribution workshops to Wikimedia projects are hosted across the country. Noteworthily, a workshop was hosted in an Aboriginal language has been hosted on the Manawan Atikamekw Community to contribute to the Wikipetcia Atikamekw Nehiromowin. Also, in Montreal, a workshop was specifically aimed at closing the knowledge gap on Wikipedia about LGTBQ+. Almost all workshops were hosted at an university or a library. The main themes were Canadian history and music.

Number of workshops Number of workshops in English Number of workshops in French Number of workshops in Aboriginal languages Number of different cities Number of different provinces Number of participants Number of content pages created or improved
21 14 6 1 17 7 At least 159 (at least 18 newly registered) At least 163

International Francophone Contribution Month[edit]

In March 2017, once again, Wikimedia Canada leaded the organization of the International Francophone Contribution Month. There have been 65 workshops in 16 different countries of the Francophonie around the world. In Canada, 9 workshops have been organized in 2 different provinces. 2 workshops have been organized in Ottawa, Ontario, the first contribution workshops in French hosted in Canada outside Quebec. Noteworthily, 4 workshops, in Montreal and Ottawa, were specifically aimed at closing the gender gap. 2017 also saw the first workshop hosted in partnership with Library Archives Canada. Contribution workshops were mainly to contribute to Wikipedia, but also Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons.

Number of workshops in Canada Number of different cities Number of different provinces
9 2 2

Mardi c'est Wiki[edit]

Once again, in 2017, Wikimedia Canada partnered with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) and the Fondation Lionel-Groulx to offer monthly workshops in French on contribution to Wikipedia at the Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal, Quebec called "Mardi c'est Wiki". See the event page on Wikipedia for more details (in French).

Stats (as of 5 November 2017)
Number of workshops Number of participants Number of content pages created or improved Number of files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
10 9 156 664

Workshops at the Cinémathèque québécoise[edit]

First workshop at the Cinémathèque québécoise

Every month since September 2017, the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montreal is hosting Wikipedia workshops around a specific animation filmmaker. The goal is to create and improve content and data about that filmmaker on Wikipedia, Wikidata and related projects. Futhermore, during the Animation Cinema Summit 2017, Wikimedia Canada in collaboration with the Médiathèque Guy-L.-Côté hosted a contribution workshop with the goal to teach filmmakers and other professionals of the animation cinema how to contribute to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

Number of participants Number of pictures

Aboriginal languages[edit]

Atimakew Project[edit]

This section requires expansion.

Outreach events[edit]

Initial outreach meeting with the Tshakapesh Institute in Sept-Îles, Quebec

In 2017, Wikimedia Canada conducted 3 outreach events to indigenous communities in Quebec. The first one was held from 14 to 16 July during the Manitou Festival in Mont-Tremblant that gathered 11 First Nations from Quebec where the chapter held a kiosk; specifically, outreach was done with Cree and Innu First Nations. Futhermore, the Wikipedia in Innu-aimun has been created in the Wikimedia Incubator during this event and 3 articles have been created by a new contributor. Articles on French Wikipedia about indigenous people have been improved and 21 pictures have been taken and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The second event was held on 19 and 20 August during the pow wow of the Manawan Atikamekw Community where the objective was to promote the Wikimedia movement and the newly launched Wikipetcia Atikamekw Nehiromowin. The third event was held on 11 September in Sept-Îles when two board members of Wikimedia Canada met with the Tshakapesh Institute, an organization gathering 8 Innu First Nations of the Côte-Nord Region for language, culture and education. This was an initial meeting with the objective to present the Atikamekw Project and launch the idea of creating a Wikipedia in Innu-aimun. A second meeting with Innu teachers is planned for April 2018.

Lingua Libre[edit]

A volunteer recording an Atikamekw elder saying words using Lingua Libre

During Wikimania in August, a Canadian volunteer has been trained by one of the developer of the project to become the Lingua Libre coordinator for Canada with the goal of using this initiative to record Canadian Aboriginal languages, to upload the files to Wikimedia Commons and to use them on Wiktionaries. Also during Wikimania, for the first time, the Atikamekw language has been recorded for the Wikimedia projects using the Lingua Libre initiative. More than 200 words from 3 different Atikamekw dialects has been recorded. The files have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, added to many Wiktionaries entries and used to develop an "Introduction to the Atikamekw language" course on the French Wikiversity.

Number of participants Number of sound files
6 +800

Photographic activities[edit]

Wiki Loves Earth[edit]

Long Beach in the Pacific National Park Reserve in British Columbia, the winning picture of Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in Canada

2017 was the first edition of the international contest Wiki Loves Earth in Canada. The goal of the contest was to encourage people to take pictures of natural protected areas of Canada and to put them under a free licence on Wikimedia Commons to allow others to access them through the Internet. 2017 was the ideal year for this first edition since it coincided witht eh 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation during which Parks Canada offered free admission to all national parks of Canada. The contest ran for the whole month of June. The pictures could be taken at any time, but must be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons during the month of June. The contest saw the participation of 403 different photographers and a total of 1870 pictures representing different protected areas of Canada.

Number of participants Number of pictures
403 1870

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Quebec, winner of Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Canada
This section requires expansion.

Nitaskinan in pictures[edit]

Picture of a beaver uploaded during the Nitaskinan in pictures contest

For the first time, a photographic contest has been organized on the Nitaskinan, the ancestral territory of the Atikamekw in order to document it for Wikimedia Commons and modernize the image of the Atikamekw First Nation on Wikipedia.

Number of participants Number of pictures
15 197

Photographic activity at the Cinémathèque québécoise[edit]

As an inauguration for the GLAM partnership between Wikimedia Canada and the Cinémathèque québécoise, Wikimedia Canada in collaboration with the Café des savoirs libres hosted a photographic session during the official unveiling of the program of the Animation Cinema Summits 2017. The portraits of around 20 filmmakers and professionals of animation cinema have been taken and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Number of participants Number of pictures
5 56

Photographic walk in Montreal[edit]

On March 19th, a photographic walk in the Villeray neighbourhood of Montreal has been organized by a librairian and a Wikimedian. The participants uploaded more than 300 pictures on Wikimedia Commons in the category Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension.

Number of pictures
At least 300

Remembrance Day in Ottawa[edit]

Two Wikimedians photographed and videotaped the Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Monument in Ottawa in November 2017.

Number of participants Number of pictures Number of videos
2 58 2

GLAM Parternships[edit]

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec[edit]

This section requires expansion.

In 2017, Wikimedia continued its very successful partnership with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) in Montreal. Futhermore, members of the board met with Danielle Saucier, archivist-coordinator of the Côte-Nord Archives Centre of BAnQ in Sept-Îles, and a archivist colleague. The goal of this meeting was to set the base for a long term collaboration.

Library and Archives Canada[edit]

Presentation at Library and Archives Canada by Wikimedia Canada and Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

In 2017, Wikimedia Canada initiated a partnership with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in Ottawa. It started with the first contribution workshop in French hosted outside of Quebec during the International Francophone Contribution Month. On September 18, two members of the board of Wikimedia Canada and two archivists of BAnQ are invited to LAC to present the GLAM projects carried at BAnQ for the past 3 years: uploading of archives in Commons, transcription of books and manuscripts in Wikisource, scan-a-thon and voice recording in Lingua Libre. About 40 archivists from across Canada attended the presentation either on site or by videoconference, including the Librairian and Archivist of Canada in person, Guy Berthiaume. This meeting translated into the creation of a Wikipedian in Residence position and a Wikimedia Working Group at LAC followed by two edit-a-thons, one internal and one public.


Global metrics[edit]

Program name Participants Newly registered Content pages Files uploaded
Target Final Target Final Target Final Target Final
Workshops 70 +168 20 +18 70 +319 0 +664
Indigenous languages 15 +16 9 +1 30 +11 350 +600
Photography 70 +431 5 +374 30 +274 350 +1929