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Membership of Wikimedia Canada
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This page is a public list of members of Wikimeida Canada. This list is opt in, meaning that it doesn't include all registered members. This is totally up to the members to add their names or not. Wikimedia Canada does not verify the information that is added to this list.

Members List[edit]

Please add your name in the table below.

Name Username Province City Language(s)
Mohammad Ismail Ismailm12 Ontario Toronto en-N
Niranjan Mohammed Niranjan.mohammed Ontario Toronto en-N
James Heilman Doc James British Columbia Cranbrook
Andrew Crawford Thparkth Nova Scotia Halifax en-N, fr-2
Alan Slim CambridgeBayWeather Nunavut Cambridge Bay en-N
JP Béland Amqui Québec Gatineau fr-N, en-4
Benoit Landry Salvidrim! Québec Montréal fr-N, en-5
Jeff Nichols Arctic.gnome Alberta Edmonton en-N, fr-2
Mohamed Udhuman Mohamedudhuman05 India Tamilnadu en
Anna Liao Miriya52 Alberta Calgary en-N
Rosa Iris Rovira User:R89Rovira Québec Gatineau es, fr, en
Romy Marquez Ontario Toronto
Marie Helene Lamy Marie H Lamy Quebec Montreal fr-N, en-4
Jessica Ouvrard Ouvrard Ontario Ottawa fr-N, en-N
Bradley Taunt Bradleytaunt Ontario Ottawa en-N
Luc Patin bilbo40 Québec Manawan fr-N, atj-3