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Province [1] Time zone
British Columbia 22:00 PDT
Alberta 23:00 MDT
Saskatchewan 23:00 CST
Manitoba 00:00 CDT
Ontario, Quebec 01:00 EDT
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island
02:00 ADT
Newfoundland and Labrador 02:30 NDT

A board meeting is planned on March 11, 2013 at 20:00 EST (Ottawa time). The meeting will take place electronically via Skype. All directors will receive an email to their Wikimedia Canada email account with instructions on how to connect to the meeting. You will be also able to read the minutes in the days following the meeting.

[Live minutes]


Only members of the board of directors may attend and those invited to give input. If you can not use Skype, please email James Heilman to arrange a telephone connection.


This board meeting will not exceed 30 minutes, please be prompt with your attendance. Priority items (vote required)

  • Acceptance of resignation of James Heilman (5 Minutes)
  • Selection of new President/Chairman (15 minutes)

General updates

  • Collection of Photo ID from Board members
  • Membership renewals


Wikimedia Canada Board meeting
11 March 2013
Location: Skype
  1. Linda Chew (Treasurer),
  2. Prosenjit Lahiry,
  3. Jeffery Nichols (Secretary),
  4. Bonoit Rochon,
  5. Ray Saintonge,
  6. Alan Walker (Acting president)
Prepared by: Jeffery Nichols
Purpose: To appoint a replacement for James Heilman.

Alan opened the meeting at 20:10 EDT.

Resignation of James Heilman[edit]

Resolution: Alan (seconded by Prosenjit) resolved that the Board accept the resignation of James Heilman on 26 February 2013 as per his email (Appendix 1) and re-affirm the resignation of Zana Gordon on 13 April 2012 (Appendix 2).

Passed 6–0

Resolution: Prosenjit (seconded by Linda) resolved for Alan Walker to become president until the 2014 annual general meeting.

Passed 6–0

2014 annual general meeting[edit]

Alan suggested that the general meeting be held in November so that new board members are not immediately faced with the busiest time of the year and so members may discuss the year's completed projects.

Board identification[edit]

Alan requested that board members provide copies of photo identification to the Wikimedia Foundation. These documents will be stored in an encrypted file.

Bank account[edit]

Resolution: Alan (seconded by Prosenjit) resolved that Alan Walker, Linda Chew, and Benoit Rochon will be the directors on the bank account, and that transactions may be signed by any two of them.

Passed 6–0


Movement: Alan (seconded by Prosenjit) moved to adjourn the meeting at 20:30 EDT.

Passed 6–0


  1. Please note that the provinces in this table are for guidance only, since some have two time zones (e.g., The Magdalen Islands and the south-eastern part of British Columbia are not in the same time zone as their provinces). Please refer to your time zone instead of your province.