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WikiProject Gurdwara aims to document all the Gurdwaras of the world and I have recently joined the project and have started documenting some nearby Gurdwaras of Surrey, British Columbia.

In this pilot project, I plan to document more Gurdwaras of British Columbia and Alberta states of British Columbia as a part of the WikiProject Gurdwara on Wikidata. Currently, only 7 Gurdwaras of Canada have items on Wikidata and not all of them have images on Commons. I have documented 3 out of these 7 Gurdwaras. Here is a query for all the Gurdwaras of Canada that are documented on Wikidata.

I plan to travel by road to various cities within BC and AL to photograph at-least 10 Gurdwaras and also collect other relevant information about them to create Wikidata items along with sub-categories under Category:Gurudwaras in Canada. I will be visiting cities such as Abbotsford (4 Gurdwaras), Kamloops (2 Gurdwaras), Calgary (4 Gurdwaras) and Edmonton (4 Gurdwaras).

Short-term goal is to increase visibility of Gurdwaras of Canada on both Wikimedia Commons as well as Wikidata.

Long-term goal will be to form partnerships with some of these Gurdwaras which can encourage and enable participation from the Canadian Punjabi community in Wikimedia projects.

I will be working with the larger Punjabi Wikimedia community to create articles about some of these Gurdwaras on English and Punjabi Wikipedias


  • 100 Photographs on Wikimedia Commons (at-least 10 different Gurdwaras)
  • 10 Wikidata items
  • 1 Meetup
  • 2 new accounts created or user engaged
  • 2 Articles on English Wikipedia
  • 3 Articles on Punjabi Wikipedia

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Item Amount Name of the participant that will incur this expense
Return trip 450 $ Estimated cost of fuel for a round-trip journey of ~2500 km at a mileage of 7 km/L
Refreshment $ Estimated cost of refreshment
One-night accommodation $ Estimated cost of one night accommodation
Total 450 $

Decision of the Programs Committee[edit]

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This grant request is pre-approved for a total amount of 200.00 CAD by the unanimous vote of the Programs Committee during the meeting on 29 July 2019.

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Technical Information[edit]

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  • Request Number : 2019-010
  • Type of activity in the Annual Budget : Content, outreach, education and communities
  • Total Approved Amount : 0