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Meeting info[edit]

Date and location[edit]

  • Date: 29 August 2018
  • Time: 19:00 EDT
  • Location: Online


  • Benoit Rochon (President)
  • Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf (Vice President)
  • Charlotte Badin (Secretary)
  • Ha-Loan Phan
  • Guillaume Lafrance (Treasurer)
  • Marie D. Martel
  • Philippe-Olivier Daniel
  • Jean-Philippe Béland (Contractor)


Annual General Meeting 2018[edit]

  • The Board discussed the organization of the Annual General Meeting 2018.
  • The Board identified that Benoit Rochon will preside the AGM and Charlotte Badin will act as the secretary.
  • The Board identified that Nathalie Casemajor and Gabrielle Champagne will be the scrutineers.
  • The Board identified that Guillaume Lafrance (Treasurer) will present the Financial Report 2017 with Jean-Philippe Béland as a substitute, if needed.
  • The Board identified that Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf and Ha-Loan Phan will present the main activities that happened in 2017.
  • The Board noted the need to announce the hiring of a contractor in the announcements at the AGM.

Programs Committee[edit]

  • The Board tasked Jean-Philippe Béland (Contractor) to re-activate the Programs Committee and to look to include new members.

Governance Committee[edit]

  • The Board discussed the creation of a Governance Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting 2019.