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WMCA Board Meeting - 30 May 2017[edit]

Meeting Information[edit]

  • Location: Google Hangout
  • Date: 30 May 2017
  • Time: 18:00 EDT


  1. Benoit Rochon (President)
  2. David Fourney (Treasurer)
  3. Jean-Philippe Béland (Vice President)
  4. Ha-Loan Phan
  5. Philippe-Olivier Daniel
  6. Patrick Paul
  7. Antoine Beaubien (arrived at 19:00)
  1. Jeffery Nichols (Secretary)
  2. James Heilman


  • Meeting opened at: 1800 EDT
  • Meeting chaired by: JP Béland
  • Minutes. Benoit Rochon motions to accept the minutes of the 18 April Board Meeting as written (minutes of the 9 May Board Meeting need to be cleaned up; Jeff will do it). Ha-Loan Phan seconds. Nothing to blackout. No opposition, motion accepted.

Standing items[edit]

Membership update[edit]

  • Secretary

38 members.

Budget update[edit]

  • Treasurer

Bank balance $10,973.37 Paypal balance $855.09

Old business[edit]

Review of the By-laws[edit]

  • POD
  • Ha-Loan
  • Benoit Rochon

The Board discussed the changes to be made. Benoit and JP will follow up with POD and have a proposal at a future meeting. No later than July so be ready for the AGM in August.

Review of the Membership Policy[edit]


  • Jeffery Nichols

Questions from JP:

  • No mention of a grace period to renew?
  • Why do we limit to only Canadian citizens/residents (other chapters accept foreign members)? Is there any CRA rules about foreign members?

David informed that there is restrictions for Board members, but not for members. The Board agreed to delete that from the Membership Policy.

The Board agreed to include a grace period of one month to renew membership. The Membership Policy will be amended to reflect that. “A membership shall expire at the end of January”.

Tabled for next meeting to give a chance to other Board members to review the changes made.

Strategic Plan[edit]

Link to APG request:

  • JP

The Board agrees to use the APG request to write the Strategic Plan to be presented at the AGM.


Link to the policy:


Benoit moves to create 4 committees: the Finance Committee presided by David Fourney, the Projects and Local Groups Committee presided by JP Béland, the Communication Committee presided by James Heilman, and the IT Committee presided by Patrick Paul. JP Béland seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted.


  • Antoine Beaubien

Antoine is absent because he is on Wikimania meeting with Ellie at the same time, but has given the following report for the Board:

Here's a short summary of Wikimania's organizational state:

  • A request for a meeting with the mayor has been formally asked.
  • Windsor station is the choice for the Closing Party.
  • I have found 50% of the volunteers I need.
  • Ellie, Louise, Erin will be in Mtl on the 5th and the 6th of June.

He did a Doodle for a meeting of the Wikimania's Wikimedia CA committee. Only one person answered (if he does not take in account James that was not available for the period he suggested).

Benoit and Antoine will meet and follow Ellie, Louise and Erin on Monday and Tuesday 5th and 6th June.

Changes to website for membership[edit]

  • Patrick Paul
  • David Fourney

David asks the Board what is the intent: only one option for one year membership, or two choices for current year and next year.

The Board agrees to have two options for buying membership: “current year”, and “current year and following year”.

PayPal account[edit]

  • Patrick Paul

We still need to transfer the ownership of the PayPal account from Alan Walker. David will talk with Patrick Paul and follow up with Alan Walker to transfer the account.


Planned: AGM will be on August 12 around 17:30.

Benoit will look into securing a room for the AGM and come back with options to the Board for the next meeting. Antoine is awaiting an answer from Louise & Erin, and making sure the room is reserved. It’s in progress.

Everything for the AGM needs to be finalized before the last Board meeting in July.

New business[edit]

New Reimbursement Policy[edit]

Old draft policy written by Ray (never voted on): New policy written and proposed by JP: New reimbursement form proposed by JP (no need to vote on that, we can always change it anytime, still need to tweak it with David, Benoit, etc., just a basic draft):

  • JP Béland

David has some concerns, he will talk with JP. Tabled for next meeting.

Sharing Calendar[edit]

  • Patrick Paul

Antoine Beaubien requested to share his WMCA calendar with his personal calendar. Patrick Paul said it can be done, but it touches privacy rights. We need a better description of the issue from Patrick Paul for the next meeting, and then the Board will vote on the issue. Antoine moves to allow to share calendar with external account. Benoit seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted.

Discussion points and announcements[edit]

  • James Heilman elected to the Board of Trustees of WMF (James Heilman)

Benoit will write a letter of congratulations on behalf of the Board.

  • Atikamekw project update / blog post on WMF website (Benoit Rochon)

Benoit shares the link to the WMF’s blog for blog post about Atikamekw project. Also an interview on CBC. Going end of this week to conclude a photographic event with the Atikamekw community.

  • David attended event about Canada 150 music on wikimedia with edit-a-thon. (David Fourney)

He participated in 3 workshops talking about doing projects across the country, wikidata, and editing wiki. He shared the etherpad link with the Board.

Project page:

  • Wiki Loves Earth (JP Béland)

JP shared that Wiki Loves Earth is running in Canada for the whole month of June.


  • Ha-Loan motions to close the meeting. Benoit seconds. Meeting closed at 19:30 (EDT).
  • Next meeting: Week of 12 or 19 June 2017, 18:00 (EDT)

Jeffery will also send a Doodle for the Week of 12 July 2017. Jeffery will make sure to make clear the date that the Doodle closes.