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Province [1] Time zone
British Columbia 14:00 PDT
Alberta 15:00 MDT
Saskatchewan 15:00 CST
Manitoba 16:00 CDT
Ontario, Quebec 17:00 EDT
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island
18:00 ADT
Newfoundland and Labrador 18:30 NDT

A board meeting is planned on Mar 20, 2012 at 17:00 EDT (Ottawa time). The meeting will take place electronically via Skype. All directors will receive an email to their Wikimedia Canada email account with instructions on how to connect to the meeting. You will be also able to read read the minutes in the days following the meeting.


Only members of the board of directors may attend and those invited to give input. If you can not use Skype, please email Alan Walker to arrange a telephone connection.


  • Strategic planning outcomes from Vancouver meet-up
  • Wikilivre
  • Engagement of new volunteers
  • Quebec committee projects for 2012
  • Wikimedia Foundation grants
  • Delegates for Chapters Meeting in Berlin and discussion points
  • Preparation of reports for Wikimedia Foundation
  • Taxes for 2011 and closing out year end
  • Next AGM and election of members to the board
  • Election of chap comm members to WMF


  • Date: 20 March 2012, 17:00 EDT
  • Location: Teleconference
  • In attendance:
    • Board members:
      1. James Heilman
      2. Jeffery Nichols
      3. Bonoit Rochon
      4. Ray Saintonge
      5. Alan Walker
    • Observers:
      1. Linda Chew
      2. Jit Lahiry
      3. Antoine Letarte


  • Ray estimates that hosting Wikilivres will cost $750/year.
  • Discussion ensued about attaching the project to WMC.
  • Ray will manage the project independently outside of WMC for the time being.

Taxes for 2011 and closing out year end[edit]

  • Alan motioned that WMC use his accountant for its taxes free of charge—Beckett Lowden Read.
    • Unanimous.
    • Motion passes

Election of members to the board[edit]

  • Jit and Linda have expressed interest in joining the board of directors. This will be put on the agenda for the next AGM.
  • Antoine now has access to some WMC documents. A discussion ensued about how to approve non-board members to view documents, receive an email address, and speak for the organization.
    • ACTION: Ray will draft a policy and present it to the board.
  • Alan proposed that Linda begin working as de facto treasurer immediately, and that all financial matters should have her involvement.
    • Unanimous agreement.
    • Motion passed.

Transition to new act[edit]

  • Jit reported that:
    • The old act was ambiguous about whether WMC needs an auditor. The new act does not require one if donations are few enough.
    • To switch to the new act, the board will have to sign off or give Jit permission to sign off.
    • Nothing in WMC's bylaws conflict with the new act.
    • Charities directorate has no comments about WMC's purposes.
    • Changing to the new act now will not causes difficulties for changing WMC's bylaws later.
  • James motioned to adopt the new act ASAP and authorize the president to sign approval of the transition.
    • Alan seconded.
    • 4 in favour, 1 abstention
    • Motion passed

Delegates for Chapters Meeting in Berlin and discussion points[edit]

  • Ray and Jeff will be attending the chapters meeting in Berlin.
  • In camera discussion ensued about WMC's position on Chap Com elections and the proposals made by chapters.

Funding for Vancouver meeting[edit]

  • A funding plan was written by Ray. The meeting was under budget.
  • ACTION: Benoit and Ray will prepare the grant application.

Wikimedia Foundation grants[edit]

  • It was agreed that WMC needs to standardize it's financial bookkeeping.
  • ACTION: James will send financial information to Linda.

Quebec committee projects for 2012[edit]

  • Benoit reported that the Quebec committee is running well and recommended a $10,000 grant from the central Foundation for Quebec activities alongside Wikimedia France.

2012 AGM[edit]

  • Alan motioned that the AGM will be on 25 April at 18:00 EDT.
    • Seconded by James.
    • Unanimous agreement.
    • Motion passed.


  • James called the meeting to a close at 19:10 EDT.
  • Minutes verified by Jeffery Nichols, secretary.


  1. Please note that the provinces in this table are for guidance only, since some have two time zones (e.g., The Magdalen Islands and the south-eastern part of British Columbia are not in the same time zone as their provinces). Please refer to your time zone instead of your province.