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Describe here the activity including your goal, your detailed plan and the planned impact. In collaboration with support from McMaster University’s Health Sciences Library, has planned to launch the WikiClub Hamilton Health and Sciences Editing Initiative.. This editing group will recruit senior undergraduate and graduate students in health or life sciences programs. The group also intends to engage McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences researchers and faculty members. While this is the population this group intends to attract, no one will be excluded from participation. . The first step towards a successful launch is several introductory workshops in August and September 2019 that will situate all participants to Wiki culture, editing etiquette, and ultimately provide applied training to teach participants how to edit health or life sciences content in Wikipedia. From October 2019 to April 2020, monthly events will include lectures from guest speakers with expertise in a specific domain of healthcare in order to equip participants with the knowledge to edit pages relevant to that specific field. WikiClub Hamilton is open to editing Wikipedia articles on all subjects however, the launch of this focused editing group as a subdivision of the club aims to foster a wiki culture at McMaster University that can be cultivated and developed over several years of labour. WikiClub Hamilton will expand the reach of its participants beyond McMaster University to become more engaged with the non-McMaster community in Hamilton and also invite editing on a range of topics as the club gains traction.

The WikiClub Hamilton Health and Science Editing Initiative is modeled on the Wikipedia Collaboration of Dental Schools, led by EditingDentist. This model is proven to be effective for students who edit on a voluntary basis. In 2017-18 the Wikipedia Collaboration of Dental School recruited more than 200 editors and added over 4,000 references and 444,000 words to Wikipedia's dental content

This new initiative and the nascence of a new WikiClub in Hamilton will empower and equip students and members of the community, with the necessary skills and the courage to “be bold” in order to make meaningful contributions to Wikipedia. Likewise, it will encourage professionals and experts to share their knowledge and to collaborate with like-minded individuals through their participation in the monthly events planned for the academic year ahead. . In this way, we are developing a new open knowledge community in Canada in a setting where the dissemination of free knowledge is promoted and valued..

List of participants[edit]

Indicate here the list of participants that will incur expenses for this activity; you do not need to list all participants that will take part in the activity. Make sure to indicate who is in charge of the activity.

We are both responsible for the organization of events. EditingDentist will claim for the cost of travel for herself and for speakers. Mcbrarian will claim for the cost of refreshments, Wikipedia merchandise, speaker gifts, marketing materials and other expenses associated with running the event, as appropriate.

Pre-Approval (before expenses)[edit]

Mcbrarian receives funding for an annual “Wikipedia & Health “ Event hosted and sponsored by McMaster University’s Health Sciences Library. In 2018, this event was co-sponsored by Cochrane Canada.

Planned Budget[edit]

Indicate here your detailed planned budget.


Item Amount Name of the participant that will incur this expense
...Wikimedia Store Merchandise ... $ 126 ... Mcbrarian
...Small Speaker Appreciation Gifts (Approx 10 speakers this year) ... $ 20 x 10 speakers= $200 ... Mcbrarian
...Marketing (Printing posters/Flyers) ... $ 10 X9 events= $90 ... Mcbrarian
Total ... $ 416
Item Amount Name of the participant that will incur this expense
...Catering ... $ 130 ... Mcbrarian
...Speaker Travel Expenses ... $ 230 ... EditingDentist
Total ... $ 360 x 9 events = $3,240

Please note, this is the maximum cost we would incur per event. We are holding nine events. At one event we are hosting four guest speakers, while at another only two. So cost of travel will vary. Likewise cost of catering may be less, depending on number of attendees.

Decision of the Programs Committee[edit]

This section will be filled by the Programs Committee.

Approval (after expenses)[edit]

Activity Report[edit]

Describe here the results of the activity.

Final Budget[edit]

Indicate here your detailed final budget.

Item Amount Name of the participant that made this expense
... ... $ ...
... ... $ ...
Total ... $

Decision of the Programs Committee[edit]

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Technical Information[edit]

This section will be filled by the Programs Committee.

  • Request Number : 2019-011
  • Type of activity in the Annual Budget : Host contribution workshops, education programs, outreach events and local activities
  • Total Approved Amount : 0