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Grants of Wikimedia Canada
Ask for a grant or reimbursement for your activities in Canada related to the Wikimedia mission.
Members of Wikimedia Canada and other volunteers in Canada are invited and encouraged to organize activities in their communities that further the mission of the Wikimedia movement. This page explains how you can seek grants from Wikimedia Canada for your activities.

Wikimedia Canada is mainly financed through an annual grant from the Wikimedia Foundation that imposes restrictions on how the funds can be spent. The current annual grant can be reviewed at meta:Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia Canada/2020.

It is strongly recommended that you first seek pre-approval for your expenses to ensure that you will be reimbursed. If your expenses are not pre-approved, you are taking the risk to not be reimbursed by Wikimedia Canada. Before applying, make sure that your activity fits within the chapter's annual plan. Types of activities that are generally supported include edit-a-thons and photo hunts with the goal of augmenting and/or improving content on Wikimedia projects. Note that all reimbursements made must be in accordance with the Reimbursement Policy.

Reimbursement requests are assessed by the Programs Committee and approved by the Board of Directors based on the following criterias: how the activity fits within the chapter's annual strategy plan, the impact of the activity, and the requested budget.
How to apply
# Action
1 Read all the steps in this table and the information on this page before proceeding.
2 Select the right form below and write the title of your activity in the appropriate box.
3 In the new page, fill all the necessary information, including the description of the activity with its impact, the list of participants that will incur expenses for this activity and the budget table.
4 Wait for a member of the programs committee to take in charge your request and follow his or her instructions on the talk page of your request. Generally, you should have an initial message within 5 days.
5 The Programs Committee will indicate its decision on the request page that you have created. Before you can be reimbursed, you must submit an activity report on the request page and all justifications for your expenses like receipts.
If you are seeking pre-approval, use the following form.

If you have already incurred the expenses and are seeking reimbursement, use the following form.