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Wikimedia Canada's Committees
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  What are the committees?
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As per the Committees Policy, the board of directors may create committees with specific roles and responsibilities. It may also delegate some limited decisional authorities to those committees. Some committees are standing while others are created for a specific purpose or duration.

Committees List[edit]

  Executive Committee
Standing Committee of the Board of Directors

The Executive Committee provides general oversight over the organization, ensures that the policies adopted by the Board of Directors are implemented, and makes sure that Wikimedia Canada maintains good governance practices.

Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf
  Communications Committee
Standing Committee of the Board of Directors

The Communications Committee serves as the point of contact for the press and manages the social media accounts of Wikimedia Canada.

Benoit Rochon
  Programs Committee
Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors

The Programs Committee advises the Board of Directors on the programs, the activities, the WikiClubs and the partnerships of Wikimedia Canada.

Jean-Michel Lapointe
  Bénévoles d'affaires Committee
Special Committee of the Board of Directors

The Bénévoles d'affaires Committee is responsible to retain the services of professional volunteers from the Bénévoles d'affaires services on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Ha-Loan Phan