Annual General Meeting 2012

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Province [1] Time zone
British Columbia 19:00 PDT
Alberta 20:00 MDT
Saskatchewan 20:00 CST
Manitoba 21:00 CDT
Ontario, Quebec 22:00 EDT
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island
23:00 ADT
Newfoundland and Labrador 23:30 NDT

A general meeting is planned on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 18:00 EDT (Ottawa time). The meeting will take place electronically via Internet and telephone. The minutes will be available shortly after the meeting. James Heilman will chair the meeting.


Pursuant to our Bylaws, all registered members at the time of the meeting announcement may vote, if applicable. Non-members may also be present as observers. To be able to participate, you must provide your Skype username and we will contact you minutes before 18:00 EDT (Ottawa time) on Wednesday, April 25, 2012. If you can not use Skype, please email James Heilman with your phone number to arrange a call. The method we will use for this meeting will vary depending on the number of people signed up. If the number is 25 or less we will be using skype otherwise we will be using a 800 conference call in number.


Minutes — Annual General Meeting[edit]

  • Date: 2012 April 25, 18:00 EDT
  • Location: Teleconference
  • In attendance:
    • Members:
      1. JP Béland
      2. Nathalie Casemajor
      3. James Heilman
      4. Prosenjit Lahiry
      5. François Lambert
      6. Antoin Letarte
      7. Jeffery Nichols
      8. Olier Raby
      9. Benoit Rochon
      10. Wayne Saewyc
      11. Ray Saintonge
      12. Alan Walker
    • Observers:

Presentation of financials for 2011[edit]

  • James presented 2011 budget.
  • No questions from floor.

Presentation about funding and grants[edit]

  • Alan reported that:
    • 2012 grants from the WMF are available, but will not be as flexible as 2011 grants.
    • WMFR will continue to support initiatives in Quebec.
    • WMCA should develop its own source of funding; there are some organizations that might support us. Once charity status is granted, it should be easier to find donors.
  • Disscusion ensued about WMF's change to its funding structure and how it might affact WMCA's finances.
  • Disscusion ensued about the best sources for independent funding for WMCA: small private donations, large private donations, or corporate donation.


  • Discussion ensued about how to increase membership numbers and whether the cost of membership should change.
  • Jit reported that WMCA no longer needs to ask new members for their address or age.

Review of activities completed and in flight[edit]

  • Benoit reported that:
    • Wikipedia Takes Montreal 2011 was well-attended and went well (110 participants despite a hurricane).
    • Wikipedia Takes Quebec City 2012 will take place in June [1].
    • Presentation on using Wikipedia in the classroom (international event) is upcoming. [2]
    • Presentation at teh International Forum on the French language is upcoming. [3]
    • Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 (international event) is upcoming. It will be the largest photo contest in the world, and Canada will participate. It will require less local work than Wikipedia Takes events. [4]
    • QRpedia is in progress. [5]
  • Alan reported that talks with the ROM about GLAM are ongoing.
  • James reported that:
    • He spoke at universities in New Delhi and Katmandu. Next year he will speak in Coventry, UK.
    • Talks to publish WM content in the Public Library of Science journal are ongoing.
    • Translation project into minority languages for medical articles is ongoing.
    • WikiTravel's move to WMF is ongoing.

Election of new board members[edit]

  • Alan reported that Zana Gordon has resigned as a board member.
  • Alan nominated Linda Chew.
    • James and Benoit seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed
  • Alan nominated Prosenjit Lahiry.
    • James and Benoit seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed
  • James proposed re-appointment of the entire board.
    • There was opposition from the floor.
  • James nominated Jeffery Nichols.
    • Alan and Benoit seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed
  • James nominated Benoit Rochon.
    • Alan and Antoin seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed
  • James nominated Alan Walker.
    • Benoit seconded. 1 abstention.
    • Motion passed
  • James nominated Ray Saintonge.
    • François and Wayne seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed
  • Alan nominated James Heilman.
    • Benoit and Jeffery seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed

Approval of financial statements[edit]

  • James motioned to approve 2011 financial statement.
    • Antoin seconded. No opposition.
    • Motion passed


  • James called the general meeting to a close.
  • Minutes verified by Jeffery Nichols, secretary.
  1. Please note that the provinces in this table are for guidance only, since some have two time zones (e.g., The Magdalen Islands and the south-eastern part of British Columbia are not in the same time zone as their provinces). Please refer to your time zone instead of your province.