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WikidataClub Canada is a new WikiClub for Canada.

If you are interested in particular by Wikidata this WikiClub is for you!

Getting together Wikidata fans from Canada, get Wikidata to be know, helping people to use Wikidata, help the development of tools that use Wikidata, those are our objectives.

For more information, you can reach Antoine Beaubien, by email at or on his UserTalk page (Antoine2711) : Discussions with Antoine.

A Canadian project for Wikidata and the performing arts

The Wikimedia Foundation has accepted the project of the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) and Conseil québécois du théâtre.

The project will undertake modelling, translation, populating and training activities for the performing arts in Wikidata. You can read, comment and follow the progression of the project at project grant application to the Wikimedia Foundation.


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