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Tina Tenbergen is a process analyst in healthcare in Winnipeg, Canada. In the course of her work she has set up and championed three mediawikis as documentation tools during process redesigns and software roll-outs.

She believes that Wikipedia is one of the greatest projects of our time. It is a great repository of world knowledge, but more importantly, it is proof that strangers with minimal knowledge of rules and of the underlying system can effectively collaborate if they share values. At this time only a very small proportion of the users of Wikipedia actually contribute to it. This is similar to the “real world”. An understanding of what happens when people actually engage would be useful to promote positive change both in any collaborative environment.

Good to finally see Wikimedia Canada![edit]

I looked for a Canadian branch several years ago, and there wasn't one. Do you have the non-profit worked out yet so donations are tax deductable? (No, I am not volunteering, I know nothing about how to make such things happen :-)). If someone reads this, let me know how I can get involved. Tenbergen 23:08, 3 May 2011 (EDT)