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Real name: Mohammad Ismail

Thank you for coming to my page and for your time in reviewing my candidacy.

Who Am I and How Can I Help? I am a Business Analytics and Strategy Consultant with IBM in Toronto, Canada and a Strategic Management graduate from the University of Toronto. I enjoy getting diverse experiences, ranging from backpacking around the world (About 30 countries so far) to studying or living in 5 countries, speaking 4 languages, previous entrepreneurship and board level leadership experiences and working in different industries. I have work experiences in areas including nuclear power generation to banking fraud detection to cloud computing and change management in the Oil & Gas industry. It is this diverse range of experiences around the globe, whether in an academic, professional or personal setting, that gives me confidence that I can add tremendous value to the wonderful program that is Wikimedia Canada. In addition, Wikimedia Canada's home base has been in Montreal while my physical location in Toronto and a huge group of social circle can help close the gap of the geographic expansion efforts of wikimedia Canada.

Why Do I Want To Run For the Board of Directors' Role? Wikimedia is a fantastic initiative that is intended to make the world a much better, informed place. There is no doubt that the world would not be the same without its contribution to our planet. As a member of this community, I have enjoyed the benefits from Wikimedia's efforts on an hourly basis, not daily, and it puts a moral duty on me to be a part of this great effort. I have been a regular donor and a contributor for the past few years and now that I have something to give back in terms of my skills and experiences, I feel obligated to 'give back' by taking a leadership role. Hence, I hereby announce my motivation to run for the Board of Directors' role and hope to get your support in getting me there, so I can make an impact for the global community.


  • You say you have been a contributor to Wikimedia, however I do not see any edits linked to your username. Can you provide more details? Thanks, Amqui (talk) 18:36, 17 July 2017 (UTC)


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