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This template is used to build a clear list of participants, and they can choose to be either on the private or public list.


{{Participant|Antaya|name=Benoit Desrochers|project=wikipedia:fr|location=Montréal QC|lang=fr-en}}
{{Participant|Arctic.gnome|name=Jeffery Nichols|project=wikipedia|location=Edmonton AB|lang=en-fr}}
{{Participant|Editor at Large|project=commons|location=Ottawa ON|lang=en-fr}}
  1. Benoit DesrochersAntaya Email Montréal QC (fr-en)
  2. Jeffery NicholsArctic.gnome Email Edmonton AB (en-fr)
  3. Editor at Large Email Ottawa ON (en-fr)


usename (or 1=)
This param is mandatory and it has to be the real username on wikimedia projects.
This param is used only if the user wants to show his real name in the public list.
project (or 2=)
Used to link the username to the main project's user page. Languages are supported. If the param is empty, the username will link to Wikimedia Canada user page.
Most common projects:
  • wikipedia (for language use wikipedia:fr)
  • metawikipedia (for meta)
  • foundation
  • commons
  • wikinews
This is the city where the user is most of the time, not the origin city. Could be used by organisers to plan meetings or activities.
Main languages spoken by the user (in order). The first one should be the mother language.