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One of the reasons we hear for why academics do not get involved is that they need to publish. This proposal would attempt to address this limitation. The Journal of Medical Internet Research has an impact factor of 4.7 and is pubmed indexed. It is interested in the possibility of publishing Wikipedia articles after further peer review. PLoS is interested in further discussion


The cost of each publication in the JMIR will be around $1000. This covers further copy editing and XML markup. Whether these costs can be brought down is being discussed. Who will cover which portion of the costs is also in discussion. Should we at Wikimedia Canada cover some of it (as it will generate positive press for us), or should we leave the full cost to the authors who wish to publish?


I suggest that we recognize the most prolific editors by name as well as Wikipedia and the rest of the authors by url.[1] This tool here gives the number of edits made by each editor with dengue fever as an example

Other discussion[edit]

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