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The Congrès annuel de la francophonie albertaine (Annual Alberta French Congress) called "Rond-Point" will be held October 18 and 19th in Edmonton, Alberta. As part of this congress a Foire sur les services en français (Fair on French services) is held where different organizations have stands to display all services offered in French to Alberta residents. Wikimedia Canada will have a booth both days of the fair to show the chapter's activities and the different Wikimedia projects in French.

Following the congress and as part of the Mois international de la contribution au sein de la francophonie (International Francophone Contribution Month) where different contribution days or edithatons are organized throughout the French-speaking countries, a contribution day will be organized in Edmonton on October 20 in La Cité francophone d'Edmonton (Edmonton's French community centre). Publicity of the event will be done through French communities networks' and with the Centre collégial of the University of Alberta (French college part of U of A), but also during the fair of the congress at the Wikimedia Canada's booth.


  • Outreach to French contributors where French is a minority language in Canada, but where the French communities are alive and relatively important
  • Teach new contributors how to contribute to Wikipedia
  • Improve quality and quantity of Wikipedia articles about Alberta in French
  • Improve Wikimedia projects and Wikimedia Canada's visibility
  • Build relations between Wikimedia Canada and French Canadian organizations and institutions
  • Establish Wikimedia Canada as a chapter for all Canadians in both official languages Canada-wide

Links (in French only):


  • JP Béland (Amqui) is organizing both events

Funds required:

  • Cost: $200 approx. (access to electricity and Internet at both locations)
  • Transportation: $222.60 (transport from Wainwright (JP's residence) to Edmonton (total of 420 km at $0.53 per km) in private car (no public transportation available))
  • Meals: $233.30 (3.33 days)
  • Lodging: $360 (3 nights)

Other requirements:

  • Wikimedia swag to distribute and improve the quality and visibility of the booth (optional)