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Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant
Wikimedia Canada
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Alan Walker?
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JP Béland
Project lead username or email
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Acquisition of digitalization equipment for Wikimedia Canada
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Budget breakdown[edit]


Project goal[edit]

Digitization of existing hard copies references is an integral part of making the World knowledge available to everybody. The equipment can serve the owners of the documents directly, but the project of scanning documents sent by mail will also be established.

On top of digitize normal old document, one particular use of the digitization equipment with Wikimedia Canada will be to offer this service to Aboriginal communities in order to digitize the references in Canadian indigenous languages. A lot of indigenous communities across Canada have resources centre where they hold references in and on their languages. A lot of those books are now in the public domain and could be digitized for sharing on Wikisource.

Project scope and list of activities[edit]

Non-financial requirements[edit]


Fit to strategy[edit]

  • Breaking new ground
  • Increasing content
  • Increasing quality

Other benefits[edit]

Measures of success[edit]

  • Digitization of references for Wikisource
  • Increase in the awareness of the possibility to use Wikimedia projects in language's revitalization programs

Team members (optional)[edit]