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Cette page est rédigée en anglais seulement et doit être traduite en français.


Wikimedia Canada will conduct a membership drive in 2013 no later than 27 Oct 13 in order to increase the number of members and to make sure members with expired membership get a reminder about their membership status.


This project aims to seek out Wikimedia Canada members who have had their memberships expired or are up for renewal to improve participating in the upcoming AGM in 2013.


Phase 1 - Preparation[edit]

  • Get an updated list of membership with status and contact information including the current membership list as well as a list with expired membership with when the membership lapses indicated
  • Develop what is the best way of reaching out to members with expired membership (i.e. emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • Confirm the online payment system for membership is up and running

Phase 2 - Contact[edit]

  • Divide the list between people involved with reaching out to expired membership, considering first language of the member
  • Contact each expired member to let them know their membership is expired and inform them how they can renew it
  • Try to get feedback from the expired members while doing the reaching out
  • Inform the member about the next AGM in the same time, to ensure maximum participation

Phase 3 - Consolidation[edit]

  • Mail membership cards
  • Update the membership list
  • Collect all feedback received in a single document
  • Move to the next task: Annual meeting 2013.


  • JP
    • Coordinate the membership drive
    • Consolidate feedback from everybody involved
    • Translate the "message to convey" in both languages
  • Jeffery
    • Provide an updated list of current membership and expired membership with contact information and first language of the member to JP
    • Make sure the "Join or Donate" page on Wikimedia Canada website and the paypal account are up and running, and confirm that prior to the beginning of Phase 2 to JP
    • Update CiviCRM with all new members (and current members if it is not completed already) and provide an updated membership list to the Board at the end of the membership drive
    • Mail membership cards to new and renewed members
  • Benoit & Alan
    • Gather the idea from the discussion and consolidate a "message to convey" (if it is decided that the best way to contact is an email or a letter redact the actual message, if it is by phone write up the general idea of what the contacting person has to say)
  • TBC (more than one)
    • Contact expired members in the manner decided in Phase 1 (more details to follow)
    • Collect feedback and provide them to JP
  • All Board members and JP
    • Discuss about the best way to reach out to expired members and develop the "message" Wikimedia Canada wants to convey


  • Phase 1 completed NLT 15 Sept 13
  • Phase 2 completed NLT 15 Oct 13
  • Phase 3 completed NLT 27 Oct 13