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Describe here the activity including your goal, your detailed plan and the planned impact. At the University of Victoria, the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab and the UVic Libraries partners with the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) Partnership and the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences to appoint an annual Honorary Resident Wikipedian. Our Honorary Resident Wikipedian bridges academic and non-academic communities by consulting on Wikipedia pages, giving talks, and contributing to Wikipedia edit-a-thons. Nastasia Herold (U Leipzig) is the Honorary Resident Wikipedian for 2021–22, and she gave a talk with Thérèse Ottawa in October 2021 titled “Ethics and Responsibilities of Open Access and its Realization in the Atikamekw First Nation’s Wikipedia.”

In June 2022, Herold and Ottawa will provide another talk on their work together tentatively titled “Nothing About Us Without Us: Implementing the Perspective of the People We Do Research With.” As with the October talk, Herold and Ottawa will review the creation of the Wikipetcia Atikamekw Nehiromowin project, but this time they will focus on best practices for academic / community collaboration on Wikipedia. For this talk, we would like to have full, live translation / interpretation capabilities between French and English, as well as translation / interpretation into Atikamekw. Herold is fluent in English, French, and German and Ottawa is fluent in French and Atikamekw; however, our community tends to be largely English speakers who would not be able to understand a non-English presentation. Translation into Atikamekw also ensures that the presentation is accessible to members of the Atikamekw First Nation whose first language is Atikamekw. Multilingual translation / interpretation guarantees that all can communicate and engage with the material in the language(s) they are most comfortable using. The talk will be streamed online and a recording will be available for viewing after the fact as well.

Although the October 2021 was made accessible in French and English via bilingual subtitles, we would also like to retroactively translate the transcript into Atikamekw.

Our goal in having live translation / interpretation for the June 2022 talk and transcription translation of the October 2021 talk is to meet the needs of a pan-Canadian audience who may be predominantly fluent in English, French, or Atikamekw but not necessarily all three languages. These translation activities meet our overarching mission, which is to research and facilitate open social scholarship in Canada at scale.

List of participants[edit]

Indicate here the list of participants that will incur expenses for this activity; you do not need to list all participants that will take part in the activity. Make sure to indicate who is in charge of the activity.

  • Nastasia Herold
  • Thérèse Ottawa

Pre-Approval (before expenses)[edit]

Planned Budget[edit]

Indicate here your detailed planned budget.

  • Talk of October 2021
    • $3,000 French → Atikamekw written translation of talk transcript

(estimate based on current discussion with an Atikamekw translator; full quote forthcoming)

  • Talk of June 2022
    • $1,000 English → French simultaneous interpretation / translation
    • $1,000 French → English simultaneous interpretation / translation
    • $1,000 English → Atikamekw simultaneous interpretation / translation

(budget based on proposed quotes from Archway, a BC government-recommended translation/interpretation service)

Item Amount Name of the participant that will incur this expense
Nastasia Herold (English / French and English / Atikamekw translation; plus written translation) $1,000 x 2 = $2,000 + $3,000 / 2 = $1,500 Nastasia Herold
Thérèse Ottawa (French / English translation; plus written translation) $1,000 + $3,000 / 2 = $1,500 Thérèse Ottawa
Total $6,000

Decision of the Programs Committee[edit]

Pre-approved for a total amount of $6 000

Approval (after expenses)[edit]

Activity Report[edit]

The UVic Honorary Resident Wikipedian Translation Project met its stated goals of opening up the UVic Honorary Resident Wikipedian talks to broader language groups than just English. This project resulted in the following deliverables:

  • an online talk titled “On the Responsibility to Implement the Perspective of the People in Focus of (Digital) Projects,” presented by UVic Honorary Resident Wikipedia Nastasia Herold and her co-presenter Thérèse Ottawa on June 8 2022. This talk was a featured institute lecture at our annual Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), and it was free for anyone to attend (with registration). This bilingual talk featured simultaneous interpretation between French and English so that both presenters could speak in the language they are fluent in and our attendees, who are primarily English speakers, could understand the presentation fully as well. The interpretation services were provided by Archway Community Services and the talk was organized and executed by a UVic based team. ~100 participants attended this talk live and ~1,000 attendees registered for DHSI 2022 and interacted with our online offerings. The bilingual talk recording will also be made available on the DHSI website by August 1 2022.
  • a translated transcript from the first talk in this series that Herold and Ottawa gave together, in October 2021. The transcript was translated from English and French into Atikamekw and shared back with the Atikamekw community so that they could engage with this output. The transcript was prepared by a UVic based team and translated by Anthony Dube, an Atikamekw speaker.

We are grateful to Wikimedia Canada for facilitating the important mission of working across languages for our Wikimedia-oriented activities at UVic.

Final Budget[edit]

Indicate here your detailed final budget.

Item Amount Name of the participant that made this expense
Simultaneous interpretation English to French $1,000.00 Nastasia Herold (provided by Archway)
Simultaneous interpretation French to English $1,000.00 Thérèse Ottawa (provided by Archway)
Translation of presentation transcript from French to Atikamekw $1,921.80 Nastasia Herold & Thérèse Ottawa (provided by Anthony Dube)
Fee for Zoom Webinar Platform to facilitate live, online talk $50.00 Nastasia Herold & Thérèse Ottawa (provided by Zoom / UVic AV Services)
Technician fee for UVic AV support before, during, and after live, online talk $100.00 Nastasia Herold & Thérèse Ottawa (provided by UVic AV Services)
Honorarium $375 Nastasia Herold
Honorarium $375 Thérèse Ottawa
Labour fees for live, online talk, including website development, event management, technical assistance, and coordination before, during, and after live, online talk $1,178.20 Nastasia Herold & Thérèse Ottawa (provided by the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at UVic)
Total $6,000

Decision of the Programs Committee[edit]

This section will be filled by the Programs Committee.

This grant request was approved by a resolution of the Board of Directors on 1 August 2022 for a total amount of $6,000.

Technical Information[edit]

This section will be filled by the Programs Committee.

  • Request Number : 2022-002
  • Type of activity in the Annual Budget :
  • Total Approved Amount :