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Wikipedia is bringing health care content to the world in the language of your choosing[edit]

Our initial goal is to provide an overview of 80 key health care conditions to all people worldwide either via cellphone or computer in the language of their choice.

Cellphone data charges[edit]

Part of this project involves getting the data charges for access waved for the worlds poor. So for the Wikimedia Foundation has managed sign deals with two cellphone companies to wave data charges for Wikipedia for 200 million people in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Improve and creating health care content[edit]

The first step is improving the quality of key medical article on the English Wikipedia. These are than subjected to peer review before have the wording simplified and a copy of this simplification placed on simple English WIkipedia.

Of the 80 articles being worked on slightly more than 20 have been peer reviewed and eight have been simplified.

The next step is volunteers from Translators Without Borders will translate these topics into other languages. Currently Wikipedia is in 283.

Organizations involved[edit]

  • Wikimedia Canada and Wikiproject Medicine
  • Translators Without Borders
  • Content Rules


We are looking for funding to cover the costs of a summer student from an English medical college to help with the coordination of writing content and peer review. Draft for application [1]


I hope that at some point in the near future this e textbook will be adopted by health care classes globally. Not only is it a solid source of information but students will be able to build and improve upon it.

Through this project we will be able to provide health care information for all by at least 2015. I am hoping for closer to 2010.

This book as it current stands generates about ... million pages views a month and we are only a quarter finished.

We invite people to come help a little or a lot. We need further volunteers to check grammar, review content for accuracy, perform literature reviews, help simply content and do translations from English into other languages. We also need people to integrate content back into Wikipedia.