Executive Committee/Meetings/2019-06-10

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Meeting information[edit]

Date and location[edit]

  • Date: 10 June 2019
  • Location: Online


  • Benoit Rochon (President)
  • Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf (Vice President)
  • Charlotte Badin (Secretary)
  • Guillaume Lafrance (Treasurer)
  • Jean-Philippe Béland (consultant)


Expense approvals[edit]

  • The Executive Committee approved the May's bill from Jean-Philippe Béland for a total of $5,656.77.

Old Business[edit]

Https certficate[edit]

  • The problem was solved. The certificate will expire on 20 August and must be renewed. Pierre Choffet will take care of it.

Charity status[edit]

  • The lawyer will finish her review next week. Guillaume Lafrance will review the numbers for the financial part.

Annual General Meeting[edit]

  • The date has been fixed to 19 October by the Board. The candidates to the Board will need to submit their applications a month before. The Executive Committee must meet in August to determine the agenda and send it on time to the members.
  • The Committee worries about achieving the quorum for the AGM. Charlotte Badin proposes that active volunteers of Wikimedia Canada can be members without paying the adhesion fees. She proposes to limit that to those who are involved in the committees. Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf proposes the creation of a form for honorary members. Benoit Rochon proposes that honorary members are automatically subscribed to the general mailing list with an opt-out option.
  • Benoit Rochon proposes to use Jitsi for the video-conference.

Accountability of the consultants[edit]

  • The Committee discussed the manner to held the contractors accountable. The monthly meetings didn't happen. The Executive Committee discusses about who should do the meeting with the contractors. It has been proposed that it would be a third party not member of the Board. The Committee wishes to continue to discuss this point at the next meeting in order to solve this issue.
  • It is important that the accountability of the contractors is recorded somewhere, for example by developing a grid or another evaluation tool. The responsible person for the accountability should send reports to the Board every three months.

New Business[edit]

Communications Committee[edit]

  • Nothing new to report. The Executive Committee wonders about the relevance of keeping a committee that never started. Benoit Rochon proposes to put more emphasis on the Funding Committee.

Process for payments and reimbursements[edit]

  • Benoit Rochon will take care of the payments. His own payments will be cc'd to the whole Executive Committee.

Absenteeism on the Board[edit]

  • The Committee discussed how to encourage involvement on the Board rather than being on a disciplinary mode. The Committee proposes to send an email of reminder 24 hours before each Board meeting on the personal emails.

Executive Committee meetings at fixed dates[edit]

  • Executive Committee meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month (except for July).

Free software[edit]

  • The Committee discussed about using more free software instead of Google. Charlotte Badin mentions that it will need to be discussed with the Board. It will be put at the agenda for the Board after the Annual General Meeting.