Executive Committee/Meetings/2019-03-11

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Meeting information[edit]

Date and location[edit]

  • Date: 11 March 2019
  • Location: Online


  • Benoit Rochon (President)
  • Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf (Vice President)
  • Charlotte Badin (Secretary)
  • Guillaume Lafrance (Treasurer)
  • Jean-Philippe Béland (consultant)


Expense approvals[edit]


Old Business[edit]

Https certficate[edit]

  • A picture is causing an error. We need to ask Pierre Choffet (IT consultant) to take care of it.

Mailing list[edit]

  • Pierre Choffet installed the software Mailman for the mailing lists. For now, we are planning to create two general lists, one in French and one in English. In the future, we could create more specific lists, such as for Toronto for example.

New Business[edit]

Introduction of Anne-Hélène Mai[edit]

  • Anne-Hélène Mai, a journalist from Radio-Canada, answered the mandate for the Finance Committee on Bénévoles d'affaires. The committee believes that her strengths would be useful for the Communications Committee. She is interested by both committees.

Charity status[edit]

  • Jean-Philippe Béland (consultant) filled the form. It is still missing some Board Members' birth dates. Benoit Rochon will send it for review to a lawyer.

Annual General Meeting[edit]

  • Benoit Rochon mentions that it may be a bad idea to change the Board while the application for the charity status is in process with the federal government.