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Cette page est rédigée en anglais seulement et doit être traduite en français.

There are two aspects to managing finances: managing paperwork and managing money. These tasks are primarily the responsibility of the treasurer.


This is necessary for insuring that all reporting is properly produced.

Copies of all bank statements should be available as soon as they are available from the bank. Alternatively, the treasurer must have direct electronic access to banking records through the bank's website.

Money management[edit]

Wikimedia Canada may establish such accounts as may be necessary to implement its business transactions. These will include PayPal accounts and foreign currency accounts as needed.

Payments from major accounts including the primary account should require the signature of two executive members to be valid.

Minor accounts may be established from which payments may be made on the authority of one executive member. The executive may establish limitations for the amount of money held in a minor account, and the maximum amount for any single payment from that account.

The treasurer should preferably be the person issuing cheques. This does not prohibit these functions from being exercised by others where circumstances require.