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Hello there. It's sad that I had to resort myself to that. I won't compile a sad long cryporn story, and keep it short: everyone abandoned me, my family scammed me on my apartment, my only property, and took the only two things that kept my sanity in check: my laptop, and my books. This world is full of monsters, and I'm afraid to become one. I don't really have a choice anymore. The place I ended up in has a 300$ average salary, and they won't even hire me because the employer sees me as overqualified, considering the possibility that I would just turn on the company and replace the higher ups in matter of months. After all, that's what happens when they run a background check on you. I've sent over 5000 applications, CVs, I've been to over 400 job interviews. No luck. It's quite tricky to look normal when you're just sitting there and wondering if you'll have anything to eat tomorrow. I'm sitting with the outcasts of society as I write this in the nearest camp by the forest. Prostitutes, drug addicts, alchoholics, dementioned people. Ukranian war refugees who got thrown on the street. There are some good people as well. A scientist, who got robbed by his wife, "the love of his life", stripping him of his home in court, taking his kids, leaving him on the street. The goverment doesn't care. We got a lot of people here. I try my best to not become a monster, however I guess I'm already an outlaw. I'm begging you to give us a job, or refer to someone who can. Not everyone can speak English around here, so I probably would have to act as a broker. There are children here. I'm sure we can pretty much come up with a solution to ANYTHING. I'm a journalist, personally. Or, you could support us with 6$ worth of crypto. I picked Litecoin because it has the absolute minimum transaction fee value, however I'm not an expert so Im going to attach bitcoin wallet as well. I imagine that would be the only way to do it legally: none of us has an acting commerical license and there is no way we could pay tax. Thus I picked the email name. I'm suprised I still can laugh at this point. That would be probably my last attempt to reach out. I would rather die, than become a creature that turned on people around me. Whatever your decision would be, please remain kind and God Bless you, for He hasn't been kind for any of us here. Some people even turned atheist. Litecoin wallet:LbGMRwVDimzr4Y5YxYbuieH8pTpYc92TQX Bitcoin wallet:168qPFFpkqHDJDTRfurhwR3MijobeZRbJ9 With regards, Christopher.