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This page documents an official Wikimedia Canada policy adopted by a resolution of the board of directors.

Using this website

  • Like most pages on the Internet, this website automatically collects information from visitors in order to measure its own web traffic. This includes the IP address of your Internet service provider, the website that routed you here, and what browser and operating system you are using. Wikimedia Canada makes no effort to identify visitors based on their IP addresses. Information about site traffic will only be published as aggregate information about all visits.
  • This website is a wiki, and any interested person is free to create an account and contribute to discussions. Upon making an account, you must choose a username. You can choose whether to use your real name or a pseudonym. You have the option of providing your email when creating an account. If you do, your email address will not be published. It will only be used for password retrieval and for the wiki’s internal messaging system.
  • All pages on this wiki are publicly viewable, including user talk pages. If you contribute to discussions on this website, you may choose whether or not to reveal identifying information about yourself. If you choose to do so, it is at your own risk.
  • If personal information about you has been posted on this website without your permission, contact the webmaster to have it removed from the page history.
  • Email addresses submitted to Wikimedia Canada’s mailing list will only be used for that mailing list and will not be shared with any third party. The mailing list is run by Google, and is subject to their privacy policy.

Member information


Wikimedia Canada asks for some personal information when you apply for membership. There are three kinds of information that we request:

  1. Information that is legally required to process your membership—this includes your name and street address. Access to this information will be limited to a) those members of the board and executive who are responsible for maintaining the membership list and b) those members of the board and executive who are responsible for conducting outreach to members. It will not be given to any other parties except when required by law.
  2. Additional contact information—this includes email address and phone numbers. Access to this information will be limited to the same people as the information in item 1, above. Wikimedia Canada may occasionally contact you by email or phone to invite you to events, solicit your opinions about the organization, inform you of our activities, or remind you to renew your membership. If you do not want Wikimedia Canada to contact you by email or phone, let the membership coordinator know, and you will be added to our do-not-call list.
  3. Demographic information—which may include your age, sex, and citizenship. Access to this information will be limited to only those members of the board and executive who are responsible for maintaining the membership list. Wikimedia Canada may sometimes report the aggregate statistics of all of its membership. When it does so, no identifying information will be released about any person.