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Cette page est rédigée en anglais seulement et doit être traduite en français.

This policy outlines certain matters relating to the right to represent Wikimedia Canada.

Mailing address[edit]

1. Every director of Wiki Canada shall be entitled to an e-mail address at ""

2. Any three directors of Wiki Canada may grant any other persons an e-mail at "" by indicating consent on the appropriate page of this Wiki.

3. The ownership alone of an e-mail address on "" does not imply any rights to represent Wiki Canada in any respect whatsoever.

4. Any e-mail address may be suspended or revoked by the appointed officer(s) with that right or by resolution of the board.


1. The directors of Wiki Canada may, by simple majority, grant any person who is not a director the right to represent Wiki Canada to the extent designated, and to be known by whatever title may be appropriate to the function. This may be done by indicating consent on the appropriate page of this wiki.