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2020 Grant requests
Title Status Requested by Followed by Initial amount requested Pre-Approved Amount Approved / Reimbursed Amount Request Number Activity Type Remarks
WikiClub Metapeckeka : Projet wikiclub manawan Request Thérèse Ottawa 1,829.31 2020-006 Free knowledge about Canadian Indigenous Peoples
WikiClub Montréal : Ensemble pour visioconférence Completed Benoit Rochon 168.13 N/A 168.13 2020-005 Hosting contribution workshops
Wikipetcia Atikamekw : Acquisition d'un drone Completed Benoit Rochon 1,621.25 1,621.25 1,621.25 2020-004 Free knowledge about Canadian Indigenous Peoples
WPWPCA : prix du concours 2020 Completed Benjamenta 200.00 NIL 200.00 2020-003 Hosting contribution workshops
Diving Deeper into Wikipedia speaker series at University of Alberta Pre-approved Ham1ltoner1n 600.00 600.00 2020-002 Developing partnerships with GLAMUs
OLA Super Conference Completed Benoit Rochon Ha-Loan Phan 859.80 859.80 1,049.08 2020-001 Developing partnerships with GLAMUs