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Today's Saturday, Kartik 2, 1428 BY (16 October 2021 AD); Time: 23:53 (UTC)

Hirok Raja
— Wikimedian  —
BornAb. Rahman

16 Joishţho 1408

Ishwarganj, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
LocationIshwarganj, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Time zoneUTC+6
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Science and Technology, Equality and Equity, Human Rights, Bangladesh

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Hirok Raja
Editor, Wikimedia Projects

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About me


I am Aishik Rehman (বাংলা: ঐশিক রেহমান, IPA: o͡i̯ʃik  rehoman) and I use my username as Hirok Raja in all Wikimedia projects.

About My Work

I have been working with various Wikimedia projects since 2018. I have been associated with Wikimedia Bangladesh since this year.I am currently working on a number of wikiprojects, including Wiki Loves Women South Asia and Wiki Loves Children.

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