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Meeting info[edit]

Date and location[edit]

  • Date: 18 June 2018
  • Time: 19:00 EDT
  • Location: Online


  • Benoit Rochon (President)
  • Charlotte Badin (Secretary)
  • Antoine Beaubien
  • Ha-Loan Phan
  • Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf
  • Guillaume Lafrance (Treasurer)
  • Marie D. Martel
  • Philippe-Olivier Daniel
  • Jean-François Pilon


Membership update[edit]

  • 67 active members.

Activity report[edit]

  • The activity report is due 31 July 2018. Each person responsible for an activity must fill their sections. Benoit Rochon will do the follow-up between now and 31 July 2018. Ha-Loan Phan will do the follow-up with Geneviève Arboit for her activity. For BAnQ's activities, each BAnQ centre will provide their data to Benoit Rochon.

Budget report[edit]

  • The budget report must be updated by the Treasurer to identify which amounts belong directly to Wikimedia Canada and which are from the Wikimedia Foundation and from other donors.

Board retreat report[edit]

  • The budget for 2018 H2 had to be modified at the request of the Wikimedia Foundation. The new strategic direction aims at making chapters more independent. The budget to obtain the charity status has been removed from the budget since it's not a priority. Three iterations of the budget have been done. Wikimedia Canada is looking for someone to organize fundraising and to look to obtain the charity status without the services of a law firm. For the latter, Philippe-Olivier Daniel offers to help with the tools and the expertise that he has. A meeting about this will be organized during the summer. Jean-François Pilon may also help.
  • The projects of Wikimedia Canada about Wikipedias in minority languages are to be promoted has the specialty of Wikimedia Canada in line with the new strategic direction.

New volunteer from Bénévoles d'affaires[edit]

  • Jean-François Pilon has been retained as a volunteer from Bénévoles d'affaires for communications. He is a teacher from the College Maisonneuve in project management and pedagogy since three years. He worked in organizing events for 10 years. He has a real interest for Wikipedia and Wikimedia Canada. He will be responsible for the social networks, activity reports for the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation's blog to ensure a quarterly visibility.

Contract with Pierre Choffet[edit]

  • For the CiviCRM project, access codes must be provided to Pierre Choffet for the configuration and the modules. The priority of work is the management of membership. Work is in progress. Antoine Beaubien prepared a document for all board members.
  • The tool is already online and working. 12 hours of work has been done on the 20 hours total. Accounts need to be created for the board members. It is proposed to have a back-up system and to keep a parallel system until the tool is fully functional in 2019.

Annual Plan Grant 2018 H2[edit]

  • The Board reminds all board members that all changes to the budget must be sent to all board members with explanations for transparency.
  • The budget for the Haiti Project has been cut because of the cutbacks imposed by the Wikimedia Foundation and that is it not a priority for Wikimedia Canada. The Board reminds all that if financial commitments are made prior to budget being accepted, it is the responsibility of the individuals if the budget is not available. Benoit Rochon contacted other organizations (Wikimedia France, Wikimedia Switzerland, Wikimedia New York City and AfroCrowd) to help Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf and Marie D. Martel to finance their project.

Roles and responsibilities of the board members[edit]

  • The Board reminds all board members about the document "roles and responsibilities of the board members". Benoit Rochon would like to add a line about the timeline for answering emails.


  • Jean-Philippe Béland sent his resignation letter from the Board in mid-May, effective on 1 June 2018.
  • Antoine Beaubien his resigning from the Board on this day. He will send an email about that shortly.

Hiring of a consultant[edit]

  • A call for offers has been published on Facebook, Twitter and WMCA's website at the beginning of June. Offers are to be sent to Jean-François Pilon. The job is starting on 6 August 2018.
  • The Board discussed the priorities for the consultant and his/her concrete tasks for the next six months.
  • The Board noted that the call for offers didn't have much visibility without going through specialized services. It is also suggested to use the networks of contacts of the members of the Board. The Board asked Jean-François Pilon to research the cost to subscribe to specialized services.

Annual General Meeting 2018[edit]

  • The Executive Committee will meet to organize the Annual General Meeting 2018 between now and mid-July.
  • The Board proposed to ask the members to move the following Annual General Meeting in March 2020.
  • Benoit Rochon noted that there are regulations imposing to host the annual general meeting within three months after the financial report has been submitted.

Election of Vice-President[edit]

  • Benoit Rochon proposed Lëa-Kim Chateauneuf has Vice-President and the Board unanimously agreed.