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Meeting Information[edit]

  • Location: Google Hangout
  • Date: 18 April 2017
  • Time: 18:00 (EDT)


  1. Benoit Rochon (President)
  2. Jean-Philippe Béland (Vice President)
  3. Jeffery Nichols (Secretary)
  4. David Fourney (Treasurer)
  5. James Heilman
  6. Ha-Loan Phan
  7. Antoine Beaubien
  1. Philippe-Olivier Daniel
  2. Patrick Paul


  • Meeting opened at: 18:00 EDT
  • Meeting chaired by: JP Béland
  • Minutes: JP motions to accept the minutes of the previous Board Meeting as written. James seconds. Nothing to blackout. No opposition, motion accepted.
  • Agenda: NIL (follow minutes).

Standing items[edit]

Membership Update[edit]

  • Secretary

37 members

Budget update[edit]

  • Treasurer

NIL. Treasurer absent. Bank account total $12,177.12.

Old business[edit]

Strategic Plan[edit]

  • Jean-Philippe Béland

JP is working on it, Ha-Loan Phan reviewed it. We are received an email from WMF stipulating that our APG shouldn’t be above 10,000 CAD. It cannot include staff, but can include operating costs. JP started a draft for the request that APG on our wiki Draft/SAPG. JP will write an Annual that only include one or two programs. Draft Strategy Plan Draft SAPG request

JP proposes that the two programs should be workshops and develop local groups.


  • Jean-Philippe Béland

Benoit is working for the communications committee and will make an official proposal for the next meeting, James will help. JP is working for the Projects/GLAM/Local groups committee and will make an official meeting, Ha-Loan will help.

Patrick Paul is not here, JP will contact him for the IT Committee.

Membership Policy[edit]

  • Jeffery Nichols

Jeffery asked the Board to review the proposed amendments. We will vote at the next meeting.


  • Antoine Beaubien

Antoine updated the Board about Wikimania developments. About PR, they hired a firm, the contract is not signed yet, but will be in the next few days (from Ellie).

A discussion from Ellie for people about the Native communities, Antoine is asking who could have a global overview on that and have contacts. Antoine proposes that JP, Nathalie Casemajor, and Benoit that have contacts already. Antoine asks if CiviCRM would be a good tool to get names and build a database for contacts to Native, but the Board thinks the tool is too much to get built. Benoit proposed to use Trello to manage the project, JP supports that idea. JP is saying that we need to identify who has the lead for the “Native aspect”. JP proposes that Nathalie takes the lead, but unsure if she will accept. JP, Nathalie, and Benoit will be part of a meeting on the 26 April as part of Atikamekw project with Native representatives and BAnQ. After that meeting, JP and Benoit will get back to Antoine with final answer. Benoit and Antoine are going to visit the venue at the Sheraton at 1030.

Benoit announces that BAnQ will do one of the main keynote on Sunday morning.

Ellie asked Benoit if WMCA take charge of the closing party. Benoit said that the chapter already has a lot to do and suggests that we do not get involved. Ellie is looking for another venue because the Windsor Station is very expensive. Benoit proposed the Gilles-Hocquart building, but it is too small for the amount of people. Ellie asked Antoine if has volunteers to organize the closing party, but he only has around 10 volunteers so far (he didn’t get the list from Marc-André), and he doesn’t think any of them can organize the closing party. Antoine asked if WMCA can organize other social events. Benoit shared that OSM Montreal will organize a Mapping Party and Bilbiothèques de Montreal will organize something else, unsure of what it is. JP suggests that one person acts as a Coordinator for that and be the one contact for the Programs Committee to put the social events printed on the program. Antoine suggests at least 2 social events per night, except the one with the closing party, one drinking/dancing and one more cultural. BAnQ is hosting one every three nights.

JP proposes that Antoine set up a meeting for people from WMCA to discuss Wikimania in more details. JP said he wants to participate and represent the WIkimania Programs Committee, James will represent the Communications Committee, Benoit will be there also to bring institutional knowledge. Antoine will look to get more volunteers involved. He will send a Doodle for next week for a Hangouts meeting and he proposed to have a meeting every two weeks.


  • Secretary

Jeffery mentions that under the new Membership Policy it is easier to manage and CRM is not essential at this time. The donations page need to be updated. David will work with Patrick Paul to make those updates. We need to identify what information we gonna ask for.


  • President

Tabled from last meeting: Benoit Rochon moves to withdraw Jeffery Nichols from the Secretary office. Jeffery is saying that things are more organized now and easier to manage. Benoit mentions that last October, Jeffery was too busy and that him and JP took part of his responsibilities, but they cannot take care of it anymore, so he is asking if Jeffery can handle it. Jeffery says that he think he can now. Motion is cancelled.

Bylaws review[edit]

  • Philippe-Olivier Daniel

POD sent an email to Benoit and JP about this a week ago. Ha-Loan will reach out to him. Then JP will follow up if needed. David mentions that he also an outstanding request with POD, and somebody should put pressure on him.

New business[edit]

Financial report[edit]

David moves to accept the Financial Report as prepared by our accountants (sent by email to the Board). Ha-Loan seconds. No opposition. David abstains from the vote. Motion accepted.

The Financial Summary will be presented to the WMF by Benoit Rochon by the end of this month and will then be presented to the members at the AGM. It will be posted on the Metawiki and we will include a link so the members can review it in advance of the AGM.

The President is congratulating David and the two accountants for their work, very well done. The Board asks David to convey its appreciation to the two accountants.

Board meeting frequency[edit]

  • President

Benoit surveyed participants at the Wikimedia Conference about Board meeting frequency. Most boards around the world have executive meeting every month and full board meeting every two months. David prefers that we not have executive only meetings for transparency reasons. JP shares that the reasoning behind that is that they can invite people from outside the wiki community that have different knowledge and hired positions in GLAM for example, and they don’t want to have them come once a month, because they would just say no. JP suggests that we can have executive board meetings that are opened to the rest of the board but are not official board meetings, so it would be transparent that way but wouldn’t be “mandatory” for all board members. David and JP mentions that we need to meet once a month until Wikimania. JP mentions that a new Board will be elected at Wikimania anyway and it should be discussed by new Board then. No change for now.

Bénévoles d’affaires[edit]

The Board agrees to continue to deal with Bénévoles d’affaires. JP will include it in the APG request.

Reimbursement Forms[edit]

JP will work on the Reimbursement Forms to make them more efficient. He will present it at the next meeting. David suggests to also look for Shared Services in Montreal area.

Discussion points and announcements[edit]



JP motions to close the meeting. David seconds. Meeting closed at 19:40.

Jeffery will send Doodle to schedule for meeting in the second week of May.