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Wikimedia Canada Board Meeting - Novemeber 11th, 2016[edit]

Meeting Information[edit]

  • Location: Online
  • Date: November 11, 2016
  • Time: 18:30 (EDT)


Opening Business[edit]

  • Meeting chaired by: Jean-Philippe Béland (Chair and Vice-President)
  • Jean-Philippe Béland opens the meeting at 18:00 (EDT).
  • Jean-Philippe Béland motions to allow Philippe-Olivier Daniel to attend the meeting. Benoit Rochon seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted.
  • Jean-Philippe Béland motions to accept the minutes of the two previous Board Meeting as written. Benoit Rochon seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted. Note: The minutes of the last two meetings are not yet approved to be made public since Patrick Paul want to review them in case he wants to redacted out some parts.
  • Jean-Philippe Béland motions to accept the agenda. Benoit Rochon seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted.
  • Attendance:
  • Absent:

Standing Items[edit]

  1. Membership Update: The Secretary is absent. The President reported that 7 current members need to be renewed within the next month. He will confirm that the Secretary will send reminders by email, if not the President offers to do it himself with the help of the Treasurer before November 18, 2016. The messages need to be sent in both languages.
  2. Budget Update: A series of reimbursements requests has been made, but we are waiting to have bank access. This should be resolved by November 18, 2016, in which case we will then resolve reimbursements by November 21, 2016. The only budget update is a deposit from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) for the Atikamekw Project; this will be confirmed one the Treasurer has access to the bank account.

Old Business[edit]

  1. French PayPal Donation/Membership Page. David Fourney, Jeffery Nichols and Patrick Paul will meet to resolve this issue. The timeline to fix it will be confirmed at the next Board Meeting. (Action by: David Fourney, Jeffery Nichols and Patrick Paul)
  2. Corporate insurances for Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)'s office. This issue is on hold. We will not talk about insurances until we see the final contract from BAnQ since we are not sure it will actually be necessary. The only contract we have seen was a draft copied from another contract. As soon as the final contract is completed, we will advise. (Action by: Benoit Rochon)
  3. Transfer of the bank account. Benoit Rochon and Ha-Loan Phan went last week to Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in Montreal, Quebec to sign the transfer of the bank account. The document will be sent to Toronto, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec to be signed by David Fourney and Jean-Philippe Béland and then sent back to Montreal. If the documents are there on time, we can expect the bank account transfer to be completed by November 23, 2016. (Action by: Benoit Rochon, David Fourney, Ha-Loan Phan and Jean-Philippe Béland)
  4. Primary Account Holder of the PayPal account. The Treasurer confirms that he has access to the PayPal account, but he did not figure out about the issue of the Primary Account Holder yet. He will meet with Jeffery Nichols and try to resolve this issue. Benoit Rochon offers his help. The action items for this issue are to be merged with the issue of the French PayPal Donation/Membership Page and other PayPal issues. (Action by: Treasurer and Jeffery Nichols)
  5. Roles and Responsibilities of the officers/directors. Jean-Philippe Béland motions to accept the document "Roles and Responsibilities of the officers/directors" as an official policy of Wikimedia Canada (WMCA) that current and future board members need to adhere to. Benoit Rochon seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted. (Info)
  6. Strategic Plan. The work is in progress. No directors added anything since the last Board Meeting. The Executive Director of Wikimedia France (WMFR) offered to help us write the Strategic Plan and the Annual Grant Plan (AGP). WMFR is not doing it on their work time. Benoit Rochon will contact WMFR to confirm what they actually offer and report back at the next Board Meeting. (Action by: Benoit Rochon)
  7. Mailing lists. No update since Patrick Paul is absent and he did not update any other board member about this. The task is not completed. The President will contact him by email this week. (Action by: Patrick Paul)
  8. Contract for the Atikamekw Project. Jean-Philippe Béland motions to allow Benoit Rochon to sign the contract on behalf of WMCA with the local coordinator for the Atikamekw Project. Ha-Loan seconds. No opposition. Motion accepted. (Action by: Benoit Rochon)
  9. Financial rules. David Fourney will present a draft at the next Board Meeting. (Action by: Treasurer)
  10. Moving corporation's legal address. Short term intent is to not change the legal address to avoid changing it often. Long term intent is to move the legal address to a pro bono legal office in Quebec through Philippe-Olivier Daniel. Jeffery Nichols will follow-up with him. Changing province will require to be approved by the members during a meeting of the members. (Action by: Jeffery Nichols and Philippe-Olivier Daniel)
  11. Board Members Action Items List. The President presented a spreadsheet document outlining the list of action items and recurrent tasks for all board members. The recurrent tasks page outlines the delays between actions, which is mostly two days. This document will be very important to track all tasks by board members and officers. The document is maintained by the President and the Vice-President. (Action by: All board members)
  12. Ownership of domain name and hosting. Benoit Rochon will look to get free hosting and investigate with Patrick Paul about the ownership of the domain name. We are currently paying CAD 13 a month to NetFirms. Benoit Rochon will come back at the next Board Meeting with information about NetFirms and how to move to a cheaper host. (Action by: Benoit Rochon)
    1. Update post meeting: We are actually paying approximately CAD 40 to 45 a year for 3 different domain names.

New Business[edit]

  1. Clean-up of Google Drive. Benoit Rochon will clean up the documents in the Google Drive and archive older documents in folders by year. This will be completed within a year. (Action by: Benoit Rochon)
  2. Access to Google Apps/G-Suite. As far as Benoit Rochon knows, Alan Walker is currently the administrator of our G-Suite. The Board decided that at least two board members should be administrators, at least one of them being part of the Executive. Benoit Rochon will coordinate with Patrick Paul to make that happen before the next Board Meeting. (Action by: Benoit Rochon and Patrick Paul)
  3. Link to switch languages on donation page. The link to switch languages on the donation page currently does not work. Jeffery Nichols will fix this issue before the next Board Meeting. (Action by: Jeffery Nichols)
  4. Financial Statement. Our 2015 Financial Statement is overdue. The Treasurer will produce a Financial Report for the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) by next April. (Action by: Treasurer)
  5. Bénévoles d'affaires. David Fourney announces that we have three candidates from Bénévoles d'affaires to become a pro bono accountant for WMCA. A committee formed of Benoit Rochon, David Fourney, Ha-Loan Phan and Jean-Philippe Béland is created to "hire" a pro bono accountant from Bénévoles d'affaires. The Board agrees to give this responsibility to that committee. (Action by: Bénévoles d'affaires Committee)

Discussions Points and Annoucements[edit]

  1. Absence. The Vice President reiterated that attendance to Board Meetings is mandatory for all board members. Absences need to be explained at least to the President.

Closing Business[edit]

  • Jean-Philippe Béland motions to close the meeting. David Fourney second. No opposition. Motion accepted.
  • Meeting closed at: 19:52 (UTC-5)
  • Next Meeting: Jeffery Nichols will send a Doodle to schedule to next Board Meeting.

Other Notes or Information[edit]

  1. NIL.

Authors and Acceptance[edit]

  • Minutes written by: Jean-Philippe Béland (Vice President)
  • Minutes reviewed by: Benoit Rochon (President) on November 13, 2016.
  • Minutes accepted as written by the Board on: November 29, 2016.