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Wikimedia Canada Strategic Planning Organized by Alan Walker


This event will take place on the Weekend of March 29 in Montreal, QC. Guests will arrive on the evening of Friday March 29 and depart on Sunday March 31st. To be eligible for travel costs you must be a member of the board of directors, have a pre-approved agenda item and supporting documentation submitted by the travel cost approval deadline. Travel cost approval will be completed by January 31, 2013.

Preparatory tasks[edit]

  1. All 2012 grant reports submitted to the Wikimedia Foundation
  2. Draft Financial statement 2012
  3. Event proposals, including budgets, for all 2013 activities prepared and ready for discussion and final approval

Agenda Montreal[edit]

  • Review activity reports from 2012 and discuss lessons learned
  • Review and Finalize program plan for 2013
  • Review and approve budget 2013
  • Prepare funding applications
  • Prepare annual plan per FDC Guidelines [1]
  • Prepare an internal fundraising strategy for 2013

Minimum deliverables required to hold event[edit]

  • Draft financial report 2012
Linda Chew
  • Grant / Financial reports for activities in Quebec
Linda Chew, Benoit Rochon
  • Grant / Financial reports for Wikimedia Canada start-up grant
Alan Walker, Linda Chew, James Heilman
  • Membership activity report
Jeffery Nichols
  • Charity status report
Jit Lahiry