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This page documents a Wikimedia Canada policy. It is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to it should reflect consensus. When in doubt, discuss your idea on the project chat|project chat.

This policy applies to public communications of the Board to its members in good standing or to any external agency for official communications.

  1. A communication may take the form of a regular letter, email or a press release.
  2. A public communication must:
    1. contain the Wikimedia Canada logo in the header;
    2. be introduced by a salutation;
    3. be clear and concise;
    4. end with a salutation;
    5. unless otherwise stated, affix the digital signature of the chairman or a board member; and
    6. be in both official languages ​​of Canada, French and English.
  3. A communication must be developed by at least two members of the Board, one anglophone and one francophone.
  4. Public communication must be approved in advance by the public communications officer designated by Wikimedia Canada policy.
  5. Unless otherwise issued by the Board, all public communications should be issued through the Board Secretary of Wikimedia Canada.